EXPO 2020 Dubai News

EXPO 2020 Dubai News

EXPO 2020 Dubai News

EXPO 2020 Dubai News & Blog

March 2022

EXPO 2020 Design


EXPOs Chair designs that became design icons

Besides the architecturally impressive pavilions, you can always find small great design details at EXPOs. These include world-famous EXPOs chair designs.

EXPO 2020 Photos


The best photos of EXPO 2020

Today we start the review of EXPO 2020 with 20 of the best photos from different photographers with very different perspectives on the mega event in Dubai.

EXPO 2020 Visitors


20 million visitors at EXPO 2020

EXPO 2020 celebrates 20 million visitors this Saturday with a special edition EXPO passport stamp.

EXPO 2020 Voting


Vote now for the best EXPO 2020 pavilions!

20 days of voting for the Best EXPO 2020 pavilions and participants.
From 10.3. to 29.3. you can vote here for your favorites of EXPO 2020!
Click here to go directly to the voting.

EXPO 2020 Photo Spots


The most Instagrammable locations at EXPO 2020 Dubai

Are you looking for the best photo motifs at the World Expo in Dubai? Here you will find them!

February 2022

EXPO 2020 Visitors


14 million EXPO 2020 visitors so far

By Feb. 20, 2022, there were about 14 million EXPO 2020 visitors at the first World Expo in the Middle East.

The most visited pavilions counted between 600,000 and 1 million visitors. One pavilion has already received over 3 million visitors.

EXPO 2020 Ticket Updates


More great EXPO 2020 ticket discounts

For the last 50 days at the World Expo in Dubai, there are more massive Expo Tickets Discounts!
The Season Pass is now available for the price of one day ticket!

EXPO 2020 Music & Events


Coldplay live at EXPO 2020 Dubai in February

Great surprise!

The Infinity Nights series features a live show by Coldplay at EXPO 2020 Dubai in February.

The mega stars of Coldplay will be on stage on 15.2.2022 under the huge Al Wasl Dome perform live at the mega-event EXPO 2020 Dubai.

EXPO 2020 Guides


10 reasons why now is the best time to visit EXPO 2020!

A few days ago, the makers of EXPO 2020 Dubai launched the "Now or Never" Campaign .

Because it will soon be over, the "Once in a Lifetime Event" in Dubai.
In about 50 days the EXPO 2020 Dubai then forever closes his impressive gates.

And that's why here's also once again 10 reasons why now is the best time to visit EXPO 2020!

EXPO 2020 Guides


Your Perfect Day at Expo 2020 Dubai

EXPO 2020 is a huge event with countless pavilions and attractions.

Here you should plan your visit in advance so that you don't get lost or waste too much time in the wrong places.

This guide will help you to have a "Perfect Day" at EXPO 2020.

EXPO 2020 & Public Diplomacy


Expo 2020 Dubai: Public Diplomacy from Around the World

These days, the University of Southern California's Institute for Public Diplomacy is launching a series of articles and reports on EXPO 2020.

The start makes César Corona, Director of, with an analysis of the current situation and significance of EXPOs.

January 2022

EXPO 2020 Ticket Updates


Massive Expo Ticket Discounts

For the last two months at the World Expo in Dubai, there are massive Expo Tickets Discounts!

Visit EXPO 2020 from home


Virtual EXPO 2020 Dubai

Covid-19 makes it more difficult to travel to Dubai and visit EXPO in person during this World Expo.

So if you can't make it to the EXPO site yourself, you can look forward to the Virtual EXPO 2020 Dubai offer.

EXPO tickets


New EXPO ticket offers

There are new EXPO 2020 Tickets Offers for the second half of the World Expo in Dubai.
Since the beginning of January 2022, it is possible to get new discounted Season Pass for the finale of EXPO 2020.

More EXPO 2020 Dubai news can also be found on the official website of EXPO 2020 Dubai and on pages of local and international media.

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