EXPO 2020 Dubai News

EXPO 2020 Dubai News

EXPO 2020 Dubai News

EXPO 2020 Dubai News & Blog

January 2022

Visit EXPO 2020 from home


Virtual EXPO 2020 Dubai

Covid-19 makes it more difficult to travel to Dubai and visit EXPO in person during this World Expo.

So if you can't make it to the EXPO site yourself, you can look forward to the Virtual EXPO 2020 Dubai offer.

EXPO tickets


New EXPO ticket offers

There are new EXPO 2020 Tickets Offers for the second half of the World Expo in Dubai.
Since the beginning of January 2022, it is possible to get new discounted Season Pass for the finale of EXPO 2020.

More EXPO 2020 Dubai news can also be found on the official website of EXPO 2020 Dubai and on pages of local and international media.

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