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Virtual EXPO 2020 Dubai
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Covid-19 makes it difficult to travel to Dubai and visit the EXPO in person during this World Expo. Also, the long distances to the Middle East are not easily accessible from all parts of the world, although the organizers advertise that Dubai is within a 4 to 6 hour flight for most of the world's population.

So if you can't make it to the EXPO site yourself, you can look forward to the Virtual EXPO 2020 Dubai offer.

All virtual guides

Official offer
Virtual EXPO 2020 Dubai

1 Virtual EXPO 2020 Dubai

Here it is possible to explore the EXPO site and even the inside of the pavilions from home.

Your first EXPO visit

2 Guided EXPO Tours on Youtube

In addition, the official EXPO 2020 channels on Youtube "Guided EXPO Tours", where video hosts and pavilion guides give real tours of the pavilions, so you can already get an idea of the highlights of the pavilions, attractions and restaurants.

Google Maps EXPO 2020 Plan

3 Google Maps + Reviews at EXPO 2020 Dubai

For the first time ever, the entire EXPO site can also be found on Google Maps.

Here you can read some other opinions besides the official offers and the enthusiastic guides. If you might still make it to the EXPO in Dubai in the next few days and weeks, you can take a look at these three offers in addition to the EXPO ELEMENTS guides also still get a few inspirations.

EXPO 2020 Live

4 Live broadcasts from EXPO 2020 Dubai and highlights

Continuous live broadcast of the EXPO will be offered on Youtube.

If there are no live activities on the stages, highlights will be shown.

E.g. the concert of Alicia Keys. You can also watch the opening ceremony again here.

Daily live show and highlights

5 Dubai One Studio EXPO

On Dubai One, there are daily live shows on topics related to the EXPO and highlights of the day.

FAQ Virtual EXPO 2020 Dubai

More information, questions and answers about the Virtual EXPO 2020 Dubai

Is there a Virtual EXPO 2020 Dubai App?

Yes, you can also visit EXPO 2020 Dubai virtually via a App and the website visit
You can reach the offer via this link

Are there live videos from EXPO 2020 Dubai

Yes, there are often live videos and live coverage from EXPO 2020 Dubai.
You can watch many events via the official Youtube page.
In addition, the TV channel "Dubai One" broadcasts daily live shows and highlights from EXPO 2020 in Dubai from the "Studio EXPO".

What are the most popular pavilions at EXPO 2020?

It is difficult to say which of the 192 pavilions at EXPO 2020 Dubai are the most popular pavilions. Everyone has their own preferences, interests or relationships with the countries.
However, on Google maps, for example, you can look at the ratings and opinions about the EXPO 2020 pavilions and get a first impression of which are the most popular pavilions.
Link to EXPO 2020 on Google Maps

The best photos from EXPO 2020 Dubai

You can find more photos in the gallery



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