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Serbia is the host of EXPO 2027 Belgrade

Serbia will be the next host country of the Specialised Expo 2027 Belgrade. The next Specialised EXPO will be held in 2027 in the city of Belgrade under the slogan "Play for Humanity: sports and music for all".The World Expo in the Balkan country is scheduled to be held between May 15 and August 15, 2027. Today, Belgrade was chosen by the delegates of the [...]

Travel Events

Berlin Travel Festival 2022

Tired of boring package tours and the same destinations over and over again? Berlin Travel Festival 2022 Then the Berlin Travel Festival is just the right thing for you! The relatively new travel event gathers exhibitors and speakers for a new generation of travelers who value innovative and sustainable concepts. From 25.11. to 27.11.2022 the [...]

EXPO Design

EXPOs Chair designs that became design icons

In addition to the architecturally stunning pavilions, you can always find great little design details at EXPOs.These include world-renowned EXPOs chair designs that have become design icons. Barcelona Chair from the German Pavilion at EXPo 1929 Barcelona An icon of chair design and perhaps the most famous ever shown at a World's Fair is the "Barcelona Chair". It celebrated [...]

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20 of the best images of Expo 2020 Dubai

Since the EXPO 2020 will be history in just under 2 weeks, it is now time to look back at the last weeks and months. Here I start a first review with my collection of 20 of the best pictures of Expo 2020 Dubai - Part 1. More will follow in the next days. Other highlights of the [...]

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EXPO 2020 celebrates 20 million visitors

Just under two weeks before the end of the mega-event, the number of visitors has once again increased sharply. EXPO 2020 celebrates 20 million visitors this Saturday with a special edition of the EXPO stamp for the EXPO passport. This means that approximately 6 million guests have visited the EXPO within the last 30 days. On the 20.2.2022 it was still about 14 million [...]

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EXPO 2035 Berlin Bid

The bidding processes for EXPO 2027/28 and EXPO 2030 are currently underway, and there may soon be an EXPO 2035 Berlin bid as well. This is because concrete ideas for a world exhibition in 2035 are coming from the German capital. In a debate contribution for 75 Visions for Berlin, IHK President Daniel-Jan Girl brought a world exhibition into play. Sustainable [...]

EXPO 2025 Osaka Kansai

EXPO 2025 Osaka Kansai Japan

In 2025, the world expositions will travel to Osaka, marking the second time since 1970 that the EXPO has returned to the Japanese metropolis. From 1970 to 2010 at the EXPO in Shanghai, the World Expo in Osaka held the record of approximately 64 million visitors. More information follows

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Vote now for the best EXPO 2020 pavilions!

20 days of voting for the best EXPO 2020 pavilions and participants From 10.3. to 29.3. you can vote here for 20 days for the best pavilions and participants of EXPO 2020! Here is the direct link to the voting: At EXPO ELEMENTs you can not only vote for 20, 40 or 100 participants, but for all of them! There are [...]

Highlights EXPO 2020

The most Instagrammable locations at EXPO 2020 Dubai

Looking for the best photo opportunities at the World Expo in Dubai? Here are the most Instagrammable locations at EXPO 2020 Dubai. You can also find more highlights on Instagram. Now or Never Hot The most instagrammable locations at EXPO 2020 Dubai! The best photo locations 5 photo spots shortlist 01 The huge [...]

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14 million EXPO 2020 visitors

By 20.2.2022, around 14 million EXPO 2020 visitors had been guests at the first world exhibition in the Middle East. Just under 6 weeks before the end of EXPO 2020, an average of around 100,000 people per day have visited the world exhibition in Dubai. The target of 25 million visitors will probably no longer be reached. The pandemic [...]

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