EXPO 2020 Dubai Tips

EXPO 2020 Dubai Tips



All tips for EXPO 2020 Dubai can be found here!

Practical and useful EXPO 2020 Dubai tips for your visit to the world exhibition can be found here

As you can already imagine, an event with over 190 participants is very confusing and can sometimes overwhelm you.

Therefore, you should think in advance which pavilions you would like to see in any case and what you would rather do without.

Unfortunately, you are often faced with this decision at the EXPO.
Especially if you don't live in the EXPO city and have only one or a few days to visit the World's Fair.


! Preparation

Plan EXPO visit well

The most important thing: Make your own plan before your EXPO visit so you don't miss your personal highlights of EXPO 2020 Dubai!

Consider which pavilions and attractions you would like to see the most and look already once the area in the APP or at Google Maps to get a first impression about the position of the pavilions and the distances between them.

Smartqueue for shorter waiting time

There is a Smart Queue option in the official EXPO 2020 app.

This allows you to choose a timeslot in which you would like to visit a specific pavilion. This way you can avoid long waiting times and visit more pavilions in one day.

If you want to visit the EXPO on weekends or on busy days, book these time slots as early as possible. Because there is only a limited number of timeslots per pavilion.

Moreover, not all (especially the large and most popular) pavilions offer such a smart cue option.

This concerns mainly the mobility and theme pavilion Alif and the countries Egypt, Singapore, Morocco, Russia and the host Dubai / the United Arab Emirates as well as other large and popular pavilions.

This option will save you a lot of time during your EXPO visit for other activities.

Attention. Not all pavilions allow Smart Queue option!

Japan, Germany, the Netherlands or even the UK pavilion do not offer this option.

Here you should arrive as early as possible. Before 10 AM are the Queues shortest.

You can also find more about waiting times and time management at the EXPO here below at Tip 11 and 12.


The paths on the EXPO grounds are covered and the pavilions are mostly well air-conditioned.
However, there will always be situations where you will have to protect yourself from the Dubai desert sun.
So remember sunscreen, sun hats, caps and sunglasses.

Proper clothing + second set!

It's easy to get wet at the EXPO.
This can happen with one or the other water attraction.

But it is also not impossible that you sweat a lot.
Sweat-wicking and breathable sports shirts are best suited for this purpose.
For the selfie, you can then conjure up your favorite shirt later, freshly ironed and unencumbered from the backpack.

Multi-day tickets or Season Pass

  • One day is not enough!
    Therefore, you better secure a multi-day ticket directly. This is valid for 30 days from the first day of use.
  • If you want to return to EXPO even more often or at a later date, the Season Pass is a good choice.
  • Free tickets about airlines, tour operators or hotels:
    Some vendors and sponsors also offer free complimentary tickets to EXPO.
  • On different occasions, EXPO 2020 also offers various festive tickets that are valid for several weeks. Therefore, always check the official ticket page or also the social media channels of EXPO 2020.

Do not forget your (digital) vaccination certificate!

  • Remember your (digital) vaccination certificate, a valid vaccination certificate or your negative PCR test (which is a maximum of 72 hours old - this time can also change) in order to get to the EXPO site quickly or at all.

PCR test for unvaccinated

  • Unvaccinated must have a negative PCR test show.
  • PCR tests can be done at the EXPO site (even for free with some tickets), but it takes some time to get the result.
  • Link: More current info on Corona and tests

Planning with the official EXPO 2020 APP or Google Maps

Official EXPO 2020 App

EXPO grounds and pavilions on Google Maps
  • Pick out your favorite countries ahead of time and estimate the time so you won't be disappointed in the end.
  • Look at Google Maps over!
  • EXPO 2020 Dubai is the first time that the entire EXPO site has been plotted on Google Maps.
  • Here you can see in advance how to get from A to B, how far the distances are - and (in the reviews) which pavilions are the most popular.

The early bird enters most of the pavilions

  • Go so early to the EXPO, as possible.
  • The EXPO opens at 10 a.m. and at this time the waiting times at the pavilions are still very short.
  • Even with the large and popular pavilions you do not wait long.
  • This changes in the course of the day!
  • Plus, there's so much to see that you can easily stay at EXPO for 12 hours.

Drink a lot!

  • Thinks of Water or other Drinks!
  • It can get very hot at the EXPO in Dubai and regular drinking is important to avoid getting a circulatory collapse.
  • It is best to bring a refill bottle with you. There are refilling stations for drinking water in many places.
  • You can also buy water and other drinks in many places.
  • Water is available from 5 AED. That is about 1.20 EUR.

EXPO passport

  • Get the EXPO Passport
  • It is perhaps the best souvenir of the EXPO.
  • The EXPO-Passport are available in many stores on the EXPO grounds. And in each pavilion there is the matching "entry" stamp.

Visiting and waiting times

  • For the large and popular pavilions, allow at least 30 to 60 minutes for your visit. In addition, you should plan the way and the waiting time.
  • So far, the waiting times are shortest in the morning. From the afternoon on, more people come to the site.
  • Important: The closer the EXPO comes to its end, the more people usually think about visiting the EXPO again. This leads to the fact that especially in the last month the number of visitors and the waiting times shoot up!
  • Waiting times can also vary from 30 to 120 minutes for the most popular pavilions.
  • Attention: The closer it gets to the end of the EXPO, the waiting times often increase to several hours!
  • Since 2022 there is a new weekend regulation in Dubai.
    The weekend and the free working days in Dubai are now from Friday at noon, on Saturday and on Sunday. Thus, these days will bring the most visitors to the EXPO site.

Time management and priorities

  • "Don't fritter away" too much time at the beginning.
  • One is inclined to take it a bit slower at the beginning, to look around first. But if you walk up and down the boulevard first and spend too long in the nice café near the plaza, you'll lose a lot of time here that will be missed in the end.
  • First visit the most popular pavilionswhen the waiting times are still short.
  • Watch the Last intake!
  • The pavilions actually close at 10 pm. But depending on the queue, it can be much earlier.
  • And there's nothing more frustrating than standing in front of the closed pavilion you were actually most looking forward to and saving for last.

More than just a selfie spot

  • Don't just take a selfie in front of the pavilion, dive deeper into some topics! After all, the purpose of the World Expo is not (only) to take the most beautiful selfie, but to learn about the challenges and solutions for our heavily burdened planet.

Cell phone battery and best photo light!

  • Waits for Photos on the best light!
  • Don't waste all your cell phone battery during the day!
  • The best photos are taken in the afternoon, when the sun sets and bathes the EXPO grounds and especially the Al Wasl dome in a warm light.
  • Even in the dark, when everything is illuminated, the EXPO 2020 in Dubai is the most beautiful! So if you're still looking for the right (cell phone) camera for your EXPO and Dubai trip, make sure it takes good photos even in the dark.
  • In some restaurants and cafes you can recharge your cell phone. But this eats time, which you will miss later when visiting the pavilions...
  • Therefore, it is better to take one or more charged powerbanks with you.

Think of the most comfortable shoes!

Your EXPO visit is not about looking your best, it's about making lots of miles.

You will walk a lot from pavilion to pavilion. And you may also need comfortable shoes in the queues.

As proof: At the EXPO 2015 in Milan, my shoes broke after the 6th day ;-) So better also pay attention not only to the comfort, but that the shoes also hold. ;-)

Arrival by metro

The best and fastest way to reach the EXPO site is by metro.

This is the cheapest option (even if the journey is not included in the EXPO ticket). And also the most sustainable.

You will get off at the metro station, which has been completely rebuilt for the EXPO, about 2 to 5 minutes away from the EXPO entrance.

While others are still looking for a parking space and waiting for the shuttle bus to the site, you have already visited the first pavilions and had a good time at the EXPO site.

Food and drink at EXPO 2020

A huge selection of culinary options awaits you at EXPO.

During the EXPO visit it is important to drink a lot (see also Tip number 09) If you want to save money on drinks, bring a refill bottle. Because at some places at the EXPO there are fountains where you can refill your water for free.

Don't be a fool - Ticket Tips

Some bloggers and Instagrammers proudly post their EXPO tickets on their social media channels and then look pretty stupid when they are not allowed in at the entrance because their ticket has already been used - even though they haven't even visited the EXPO yet...

This is because the QR code on the tickets can be visibly held up to the camera for others to use.

So: if you post the tickets, make sure that your name, QR code and possibly other important things are not visible for others!

Also, consider whether you want to take only a day ticket or rather the Season Pass. Because one day at the EXPO is not enough. And the Season Pass for the remaining months has become even cheaper since January!

Copy as screenshot or in paper form

The EXPO app is handy. Here you can also insert your tickets.

The problem: Sometimes the tickets are not inserted correctly or displayed correctly at the entrances.

This means hassle and waiting times at the entrances. You may even have to buy a new ticket. That costs time and money.

Therefore, it is best to always take a copy of the ticket with you as a screenshot or preferably in paper form.
Because even the cell phone can malfunction or the battery is empty.

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