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EXPO 2020 Dubai Passport

EXPO 2020 Dubai Passport is probably the best souvenir and most popular souvenir of any EXPO.

In addition, the EXPO passport is probably the best passport in the world. Because with it, every EXPO visitor can enter over 190 countries!
This is not possible in the normal world even with the "strongest" and most accepted passports.

Where can I get the EXPO Passport and what is it good for?

EXPO 2020 Dubai Passport
EXPO 2020 Dubai Passport

The EXPO passport is available in many official stores on the EXPO grounds.

And in each pavilion you will receive the appropriate "entry" stamp from the participating countries.

How much does the Official Passport of EXPO 2020 cost and what does it look like?

The EXPO 2020 Dubai Passport Dubai costs just under 5 EUR (20 AED = approx. 4.70 EUR) and is yellow.

You can personalize it with your own picture and name.

Here you can find more info about the EXPO Passport

EXPO 2020 Dubai Passport and its predecessors

The predecessors in Astana at EXPO 2017 in Kazakhstan and in Milan at EXPO 2015 were blue.

At the Shanghai World Expo 2010, the EXPO Passports were available in several colors: red, green and blue.

The history of EXPO Passports

For the first time, visitors to an EXPO could obtain such a pass at the 1967 Montreal World's Fair.

Since then, it has almost always been offered to visitors.

Only in Milan did it take some convincing until shortly before the opening in 2015, because here they were actually planning without it.

But that's not particularly smart from an economic perspective either.

In Shanghai 2010, the manufacturer of the ink alone made a fortune for the color of the stamps.

And the EXPO 2020 Dubai Passport is also a popular source of revenue for EXPO organizers.

You can find more facts about EXPO 2020 Dubai here

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