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EXPO 2020 Gates

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EXPO 2020 Gates
One of the EXPO 2020 gates. In the background, the Mobility Pavilion Alif.
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The highlights of EXPO 2020 Gates EXPO 2020 Dubai

  • The gates are not simply entrance gates to the Dubai World Expo.
  • The carbon fiber lattice construction is based on traditional Arabic mashrabiya architecture.
  • On the one hand, it has a practical purpose. It provides shade and thus has a cooling effect.
  • But the gates are also visual highlights of EXPO 2020 Dubai. In the two- and three-dimensional spaces, you can see the EXPO logo recognize.
  • The constructions are a total of 21 meters high and thus appear very powerful.
  • In October 2021, the architecture and design was recognized in a public vote for Exhibition Design of the Year at the 2021 Dezeen Awards.

EXPO 2020 Gates

Asif Khan's Entry Gates are three impressive 21-meter-high entrance gates that welcome visitors to each district of Dubai Expo 2020.

They are made of modular units of carbon fiber and are a subtle blend of tradition and modernity.

The balance between material and open space makes the structure appear translucent from different perspectives.

The construction is a complex grid network reminiscent of Mashrabiya architecture.

This type of architecture is a hallmark of Islamic civilization and architecture.
Here, instead of concrete, wood or metal one wiry carbon fibers interwoven in geometric precision.

The highlight of this geometric precision only becomes visible at a certain angle.
Here, the attentive observer is once again shown the EXPO 2020 logo.

This design is not a fascinating highlight due to its two- and three-dimensional appearance.

The materials are also often used as cooling elements in the Arab world.

The peculiarity of this Arabic Mashrabiya architecture is reflected in the design of traditional patterns from the Islamic world, which are often used for their cooling properties.

Despite the skeleton-like structure, the entrance gates are designed to provide shade and protect against heat.

In the evening in the darkness they glow golden when visitors pass through them in both directions.

The entrance gates are among the most popular photo tips for avid photographers at EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

Shortly after the opening of EXPO 2020, the world's most influential architecture, interiors and design magazine announced that Asif Khan's Entry Portals have been named Exhibition Design of the Year in a public vote at the 2021 Dezeen Awards.

Entry Portals was voted Installation Design of the Year by the public with 49 percent of the vote.

The situation on the EXPO site

EXPO 2020 Dubai visit
EXPO 2020 Dubai gates from outside with visitors.

There are three entrance gates, each of which is the entrance to the different areas. Here you can see the gate in front of the Mobility area of EXPO 2020.

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