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Serbia is the host of EXPO 2027 Belgrade

Serbia will be the next host country of Specialised Expo 2027 Belgrade.

Serbia is the host of EXPO 2027 Belgrade

The next Specialised EXPO will be held in 2027 in the city of Belgrade under the motto "Play for Humanity: Sport and Music for All".
The world exhibition in the Balkan state is to be held between May 15 and August 15, 2027.

Today, Belgrade was elected by the delegates of the B.I.E. member states elected as host.

After four rounds of voting, a majority of member states voted in favor of Serbia's bid during the 172nd General Assembly of the BIE in Paris.

Serbia prevailed in the 4th round of voting with 81 votes against Spain / Málaga with 70 votes.
Other candidates from the USA (Minnesota), Thailand (Phuket) and Argentina (San Carlos de Bariloche) had already been eliminated in the first three rounds of voting.

The motto of EXPO 2027 Belgrade

The motto of EXPO 2027 Belgrade is "PLAY For Humanity".



The main theme is divided into three sub-themes:
"Power of Play," "Play Music," "Play Sport."

"Play for Humanity" is designed to address global issues and threats facing humanity, as well as problems related to social distancing and physical inactivity and their impact on well-being.

The theme "Play for Humanity" reflects global issues and challenges of further human development in a rapidly changing environment in a digital and technology-based society.

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Serbia at the last EXPOs and World Exhibitions

Serbia has participated in only 4 world exhibitions ever, making it probably the fastest host of all time.
So far, there have been participations in EXPO 2010 Shanghai, EXPO 2015 Milano, EXPO 2017 Astana and EXPO 2020 Dubai.

Serbia Pavilion and Architecture at EXPO 2020 Dubai

At EXPO 2020 in Dubai, Serbia's pavilion was one of the biggest eye-catchers among the smaller self-built pavilions, welcoming over a million visitors.

Serbia pavilion interior with digital displays at EXPO 2020 Dubai

In its largest presentation at a world exhibition to date, Serbia participated with the motto "Serbia creates ideas - Inspired by the past, we shape the future".
The architecturally striking Serbia Pavilion featured exciting digitized exhibits across 2,000 m2.
On display were exhibits from 7,000 years of Serbian creativity and innovations for the future.

Serbia was a constituent republic of Yugoslavia and thus belonged to the Soviet Union

Serbia emerged from the then "Socialist Federative People's Republic of Yugoslavia".
The Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe was one of six Yugoslav republics: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia and Montenegro.
Serbia was the largest of the republics and held a historically established position of supremacy.

EU candidate country and international relations

Serbia applied for membership in the European Union on December 22, 2009. In June 2013, the European Council decided to open accession negotiations with Serbia. These began on 21.01.2014.
More about EU accession candidate Serbia

Serbia also maintains close ties with China and Russia.
In connection with the so-called "New Silk Road", China is making large investments in Serbia in major infrastructure projects.

Russia also has historically close relations with Serbia. In recent years, the two countries have moved even closer together.

Current events in Serbia at the time of the election for EXPO 2027 Belgrade

The decision to award EXPO 2027 to Belgrade and Serbia also comes at an ambivalent time for the country.

Novak Djokovic is the sole record tennis Grand Slam winner with 23 titles

Since his victory at the 2023 French Open, Belgrade's most famous son, Novak Djokovic, has been the sole Grand Slam record holder.
With 23 individual titles, he now stands alone at the top of the trophy wins.



Reignited Conflict between Serbs and Kosovo

In contrast to the joy of Djokovic's sporting achievement comes the conflict between Serbs and Kosovo, reignited in the second quarter of 2023.

After shocking rampages, Serbs turn in more than 78,000 weapons

After two shocking rampages within a few days (including a rampage by a 13-year-old at an elementary school in the center of Belgrade) with many dead children, there were calls for a tightening of the weapons law and the return of (illegal) weapons.
In a short period of time, nearly 80,000 weapons and ammunition were returned. It is estimated that many more are in circulation and violence is a major problem in Serbia.

Specialised EXPO back in former Soviet republic after long break

After EXPO 2017 Astana (today Nur Sultan) in Kazakhstan, the following Specialized EXPO will take place again in a former Soviet republic after a long break.

The originally planned EXPO 2023 Buenos Aires in Argentina was cancelled due to the Corona pandemic. In addition, there would have been too short a preparation period between EXPO 2020 Dubai and EXPO 2023 Buenos Aires, as EXPO 2020 Dubai was also postponed from 2020 to October 2021 to March 31, 2022 due to the Corona pandemic.

Defeated EXPO candidates from the USA, Thailand, Spain and Argentina

There were high hopes in Minnesota to finally bring the World's Fair back to the United States.
EXPO 2027 Minnesota would be the first EXPO in the U.S. since 1984 in New Orleans.
At that time, EXPOs were still called "World's Fair", especially in the USA.
Under the name "World's Fair" they are still better known in the USA than under the name "EXPO".

Another candidate was Thailand's resort island of Phuket for 2028.
In addition, interest was expressed from Spain / Malaga and Argentina / San Carlos de Bariloche.

Mottos and dates of the defeated states and cities



Specialized EXPO in Minnesota / USA

The United States applied for a Specialized EXPO in Minnesota.
It would have taken place from May 15 to August 15, 2027, under the theme "Healthy People, Healthy Planet: wellness and well-being for all."

Specialised EXPO 2023 in Phuket

Thailand applied for a Specialized EXPO in Phuket between March 20 and June 17, 2028 with the theme "Future of Life: Living in Harmony, Sharing Prosperity."

Specialised EXPO 2027 Belgrade

Winner Serbia applied for a Specialized EXPO in Belgrade between May 15 and August 15, 2027 with the theme "Play for Humanity: Sport and Music for All".

Specialised EXPO 2027 in Malaga / Spain

The Spanish bid envisaged a Specialized EXPO in Malaga to be held from June 5 to September 5, 2027, under the theme "The Urban Era: towards the Sustainable City".

Specialised EXPO 2027 in San Carlos de Bariloche / Argentina

A Specialized EXPO was planned for the Argentine bid in San Carlos de Bariloche It was to run from February 1 to April 30, 2027, under the slogan "Nature + Technology = Sustainable Energy. A viable future for humanity".

Overview of EXPO 2027 and EXPO 2028 applications

Detailed voting results



Results of the first round

United States - 19
Thailand - 16
Serbia - 54
Spain - 42
Argentina - 8
Abstentions - 1

Results of the second round

United States - 21
Thailand - 15
Serbia - 69
Spain - 48
Abstentions - 1

Results of the third round

United States - 23
Serbia - 74
Spain - 53
Abstentions - 2

Results fourth round

Serbia - 81
Spain - 70
Abstentions - 3

Further decision for EXPO 2030 also this year

In contrast to EXPO 2027 or EXPO 2028, the date for EXPO 2030 has already been set. If not again a pandemic destroys the plans as with the EXPO 2020 Dubai, which nobody wants to hope.

The remaining candidates and applicants for EXPO 2030 are Riyadh, the capital and largest financial center of Saudi Arabia, Italy's capital Rome. And South Korea's coastal and port city of Busan.
The decision on the host of EXPO 2030 will be made at the end of 2023.

Where will EXPO 2027 take place?

EXPO 2027 will be held in Belgrade, Serbia. On 21.6.2023 Belgrade was elected by the B.I.E. member states at the 172nd General Assembly of the BIE in Paris.

When will EXPO 2027 Belgrade take place?

EXPO 2027 Belgrade will take place between May 15 and August 15, 2027.

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