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EXPO 2020 Gardens in the Sky



The EXPO 2020 Gardens in the Sky are one of the main attractions at the EXPO in Dubai.

EXPO 2020 Gardens in the Sky
The impressive view from the EXPO 2020 Gardens in the Sky.

The rotating observation tower rises to a height of 55 meters.

From here you have one of the best views of the entire EXPO site.


Gardens in the Sky" is a rotating observation tower that offers the best view of the EXPO site and the desert.

From the bird's eye view you can enjoy a unique view and see the pavilions and other attractions also once from above.

This also applies to the "water feature", the artificial waterfalls right next door.

The only difficult question is not whether to visit the Gardens in the Sky, but when.

Best time for a ride

It is very beautiful during the sunset, when you still have the view of the surroundings and the nearby desert.
However, the EXPO site looks even more beautiful in the dark, when all the pavilions and the huge dome "Al Wasl" are illuminated.

Entrance fee for the observation tower

The Gardens in the Sky attraction costs extra, is normally not included in the ticket price.

One ride costs 30 AED, which is about 7 EUR or a little more than 8 USD.

But it is worth it.

Video Gardens in the Sky



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