EXPO 2020 Dubai EXPO 2020 Theme Weeks

EXPO 2020 Theme Weeks

EXPO 2020 theme weeks are among the most important events at the World Expo in Dubai.

Here, conferences, discussion panels and also public events will address the most important issues and the motto of the EXPO.

It is about the global challenges with which we are particularly confronted in our time. And to which this EXPO 2020 Dubai and its participants want to offer ideas, innovations and solutions.

EXPO 2020 Dubai is mainly about - according to the motto - finding common solutions to the challenges in a Global World and connecting further to be able to work together better.

One of the three main focal points of EXPO 2020 is sustainability. Here, the focus is primarily on global warming and ideas for feeding the planet.

Other focal points will present mobility and opportunities arising from a global world.

EXPO 2020 Theme Week Overview

Specifically find the following 10 Theme weeks will take place at EXPO 2020 in Dubai:

  1. Climate and biodiversity
  2. Space
  3. Urban and rural development
  4. Tolerance and integration
  5. Knowledge and learning
  6. Travel and connectivity
  7. Global goals
  8. Health and wellness
  9. Food, agriculture and livelihoods
  10. Water

More info and details about the theme weeks can be found here on the official EXPO 2020 website

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