EXPO 2020 Dubai mascot

EXPO 2020 Dubai mascot

The EXPO 2020 Dubai mascots are the eight-year-old Latifa and her nine-year-old brother Rashid.

You can see them on the EXPO grounds during the daily parades and in various animated shorts.

They are accompanied by the small Robots Alif, Terra and Opti.
Opti is also the secret star of the mascot family.

You can have a bit of small talk with him on the EXPO grounds and he has already become one of the most popular photo subjects during the first days of the EXPO.

He is usually met alone (or with many visitors and fans) in the Opportunity District.

At certain times, he also performs a few dances with a couple of look alikes on the EXPO grounds.

All mascots can also be seen during the day at one or another parade.

As a souvenir you can also buy the mascots in the official stores.

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