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Here you can learn everything about the EXPO 2020 Dubai logo and its meaning.

An antique ring as a template for the logo

Its ornamental appearance is intended to recall the ancient past of the region.

The shape and colors of the logo are based on a ring discovered in 2002 during archaeological excavations at a 4,000-year-old archaeological site in the desert.

The official logo of EXPO 2020 is based on an ancient ring.

The ring represents the status of the United Arab Emirates as a young nation with strong ties to early cultures and nowadays to other parts of the world, he said.
And thus the ring and logo also establish a connection with the EXPO motto.

"The design of the logo is inspired by a civilization that existed 4,000 years ago in an area stretching from Baynounah in Abu Dhabi to Saroug Al Hadeed in Dubai, and from the Maliha Valley in Sharjah to the mountains of Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah," Sheikh Mohammed commented.

Logo of EXPO 2020 Dubai and its meaning

The official logo of EXPO 2020 Dubai

Furthermore, the symbolism behind the logo is meant to signify that the host country has connected ancient civilizations and should continue to be a hub that connects the world.

Elements and shapes of the logo on and outside the EXPO site.

You can also find the shape of the ring and the logo in some places at the EXPO.
Unmistakably, the design of the Al Wasl dome is based on the ring and logo - and the roof of the UAE pavilion is also adorned with the pattern of the ring from the inside.

The shapes and elements of the logo can also be seen on the Dubai Frame, Dubai's popular tourist attraction.

You can also find a replica of the original ring, found in 2002, in the Pavilion of Visions.

Video link: The history of the EXPO 2020 logo

Video link: Excavation of the ring

Other logo in the application

As a candidate city, Dubai used a different logo in 2013. In 2016, the new one was introduced.

For the application, Dubai competed with a different, light blue logo.
The final golden logo was ceremoniously unveiled in 2016 at a major event in Dubai.

Logo contest

There was also a logo competition. However, the winning logo did not become the official EXPO logo.



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