EXPO 2020 Dubai

EXPO 2020 Dubai visit

The most important info to visit EXPO 2020 Dubai

EXPO 2020 Dubai finally got underway on October 1, 2021, a year late. The exhibition site in the south of Dubai is spectacular, easily accessible and there is an incredible amount to see.

So that you don't lose the overview and don't get overwhelmed by the amount of more than 190 pavilions in three areas, you get the appropriate guide here.

Since 2022 longer weekend for locals

Since the beginning of 2022, the weekend in Dubai has been adjusted.
This would also allow more people to visit the EXPO on those weekend days. More details can be found here.
From 2022: Longer weekend in Dubai

Current information regarding the Covid-19 / Corona pandemic.

Click here to find out what the current regulations are regarding the Covid 19 and Corona pandemic.

The most important info & highlights of EXPO 2020 Dubai

Visit EXPO 2020 Dubai with these tips!

The motto of EXPO 2020 Dubai

Connecting Minds,
Creating the Future

The EXPO motto focuses on cooperation between people in a global world. Several symbols even show up in the architecture of some EXPO buildings.

EXPO 2020 Dubai Overview

All facts about EXPO 2020

In this overview you will find everything you need to know about EXPO 2020.

October 1, 2021 until March 31, 2022

The dates and the duration of EXPO 2020 Dubai

When did EXPO 2020 start and when is the last day of the World Expo in Dubai? Here you can find out everything about the duration and other facts.

Food & Drinks at EXPO 2020

The best food and drinks at EXPO 2020 Dubai

At the EXPO in Dubai you should drink a lot in the first place, because it is often very hot!
But you can find very good restaurants with food from all over the world.
In this overview you will find a few food tips for your EXPO visit.

EXPO 2020 Dubai visit

Tickets & free tickets for EXPO 2020 are available for air travel with Emirates and other ways.

You want to visit EXPO 2020 Dubai, but you are not sure which ticket is the right one?

Here you can find all the different ticket categories and free tickets!

There are different ticket categories for the EXPO visit.
Those traveling to Dubai with Emirates or Etihad can even visit the World Expo for free.

The free ticket is easily obtained with your own name and booking number.
All you have to do is fill out a short online form with the airlines. And then you receive the ticket by e-mail as a PDF from Emirates & Co. and can use it to visit the EXPO free of charge.

Find out here how it works and how you can also get free tickets.

EXPO 2020 on Google Maps

The EXPO 2020 Dubai on Google Maps

The EXPO 2020 Google Maps Guide shows you for the first time at a world exhibition all pavilions at the map service of Google!

Here you can find the pavilions on Google Maps

Go directly to the EXPO map on Google Maps

The highlights of the EXPOs are the organizer, theme and participant pavilions. In addition, there are a few architectural eye-catchers.

Click here for the overview of participants at EXPO 2020 Dubai

Visit EXPO 2020 Dubai and get the most out of your EXPO experience

Your Best Day at EXPO 2020 Dubai

When is the best time to visit the most popular pavilions? Where should I go first and what can I save for last? Is it possible to avoid waiting times in front of the pavilions? What do I need to keep in mind about Corona at EXPO 2020 Dubai? And where is the best place to take a break and get the best food?

Where can I get the EXPO passport and how many pavilions can I visit in one day?
Here you can find out everything you need to know to have a perfect day at EXPO!

This guide will follow shortly!

Light up the night!
EXPO 2020 Dubai visit
EXPO 2020 Dubai visit

EXPO Tips & FAQs!

Visiting EXPO 2020 Dubai is most beautiful in the evening!
From the blue hour and in the evening, when all the pavilions are illuminated, it is most worthwhile to take photos!

So make sure you still have enough cell phone battery in the evening so you won't be frustrated if you can't take any more photos when the EXPO grounds are at their best.

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