EXPO 2020 Dubai Guides

EXPO 2020 Google Maps Guide

The EXPO 2020 Google Maps Guide shows you for the first time at a world exhibition all pavilions at the map service of Google!

This did not exist before at EXPO 2017 in Astana, nor in Milan 2015, nor were the pavilions marked in Yeosu 2012.

In Shanghai at EXPO 2010, of course, this was even less the case, as Google did not exist in China at all and the Google Maps map service was long not as elaborate as it is today.

EXPO 2020 Google Maps Guide

EXPO 2020 has a good official app with an interactive map.

At this world exhibition, however, you can also use the Google Maps service for the first time to plan your EXPO visit.

Here you will find countless pavilions, you can already recognize the distances via the route function and thus plan for your own visit. And you also get a good overview in advance of how the site is structured and where the most interesting pavilions are located.

Link to EXPO 2020 Google Maps Guide

EXPO 2020 Dubai on Google Maps

Click here to go directly to the EXPO site on Google Maps.

Rate Pavilions by Google Maps

And you can also rate them with reviews in the usual Google manner.

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