B.I.E. Paris - Bureau International des Expositions

The B.I.E. is an intergovernmental organization responsible for overseeing and regulating all international exhibitions ("expos") that last longer than three weeks and are non-commercial in nature.

B.I.E. Paris - Bureau International des Expositions

B.I.E. is the abbreviation for "Bureau International des Expositions".

Today, under the auspices of the B.I.E., mainly 4 types of exhibitions are organized:

  • World's Fairs
  • Specialised Expos
  • Horticultural Expos
  • Triennale di Milano

Candidates for World's Fairs submit their candidacy to the B.I.E., which reviews and monitors the candidacy.

In "fact-finding missions" from the B.I.E., the feasibility and viability of each application project is evaluated.

The host country of a world exposition is then elected by the BIE member states assembled in a general assembly according to the principle of "one country, one vote".

More information about the B.I.E. can be found on the official website:

B.I.E. Paris

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