The best EXPO 2020 guides and tips

Here you will find the best EXPO 2020 guides and tips!

The best EXPO 2020 guides will show you all the highlights, the fanciest ideas, the most impressive architecture and the most delicious food at the first World Expo in Dubai.


The best EXPO 2020
Guides and tips

Here you can find the best guides for EXPO 2020 in Dubai.


01 EXPO 2020 Highlights Guide

02 EXPO 2020 Beginner Guide

03 Practical tips for the EXPO 2020 visit

04 Food & Drinks Guide for EXPO 2020

05 All facts about EXPO 2020

06 Your Perfect Day at EXPO 2020

06 Architecture Guide

07 EXPO 2020 Photo Guide

08 The best photographers and Instagrammers

09 Best time for EXPO 2020 visit

10 The Perfect Day at EXPO 2020

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EXPO 2020 Best Of

1 EXPO 2020 Highlights Guide

Here you can find all the highlights from the most exciting pavilions to the coolest shows and the best food at EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

Your first EXPO visit

2 Beginner Guide for EXPO 2020 Dubai

What is an EXPO, what can I see there? How many countries are at EXPO 2020 and what is an EXPO passport?

Your first EXPO visit

3 Practical tips for your EXPO 2020 visit

Here are a few tips for a good day at EXPO 2020 in Dubai that will save you time, money and stress!

Foodie Guide

4 Best Food & Drinks at EXPO 2020 Dubai

On the EXPO site you can find all kinds of food from fast food food trucks to fine dining. You can choose local offerings from Dubai, Beirut, Africa or all other food specialties from around the world. The magic words are "Culinary Diplomacy".

Facts & Figures

5 All facts & figures about EXPO 2020 Dubai

EXPO 2020 Dubai is the first world exhibition, which is used in the 170-year history of EXPOs (since 1851) in the Middle East and thus in the Arab and MENASA (Middle East, North Africa and South Asia) region.

Here you get the complete overview of EXPO 2020 Dubai.
You will find all the important info and facts about dates, opening hours, tickets and free tickets.

Around the world in one day

6 The Perfect Day at EXPO 2020 Dubai

Here's how to visit the main pavilions and attractions in one day and spend the perfect day at EXPO 2020 Dubai!

Don't miss

3 Convert H4 Simply the Best

These pavilions and attractions are not to be missed! In this guide you will find Simply the Best of EXPO 2020 Dubai.

More EXPO 2020 Dubai Guides

Here you will find more external guides, links and tips for your successful visit to EXPO 2020 Dubai:

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