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The Al Wasl Dome and Plaza at EXPO 2020 Dubai

The Al Wasl Dome EXPO 2020 is the architectural centerpiece and hub of the World Expo in Dubai.

Its shape and architecture are based on the EXPO 2020 logo Dubai. This in turn has its origin in a golden ring that was found in 2002 during archaeological excavations in the desert.

EXPO 2020 Dubai and all about world expositions
The Al Wasl Plaza and Dome from the outside. In the evening it is illuminated in different colors.
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Highlights of Al Wasl Plaza and Dome at EXPO 2020 Dubai

  • Al Wasl Plaza is the centerpiece of EXPO 2020 Dubai
  • The dome is almost 70 meters high
  • Shows and events are held here every evening and on special occasions.
  • The solemn ceremonies of the Nation Days are also held here.

Al Wasl Dome next to the Dubai and UAE Pavilion.
The huge dome in the afternoon, when the warm sunlight fills the building.
Intro & Experience

EXPO 2020 Dubai Center

The almost 70-meter-high dome of the Al Wasl Dome EXPO 2020 is a meeting place, show stage and the biggest eye-catcher of EXPO 2020 in Dubai at the same time.

This is also where the big spectacular shows take place in the evening.

During the day, among other things, the ceremonies of the Nation Days are held at this place.

Superlative under the dome: Largest 360-degree projections worldwide

The Al Wasl dome offers the largest area for 360-degree projections in the world.

But the dome also has a practical purpose, setting a new record. It offers the largest surface for 360-degree projections in the world.

Here you can see the animation of giant jellyfish floating from the depths to the ceiling of the dome.

Here you can see on Instagram a clip of the spectacular show with the 360-degree projection

Meaning of "Al Wasl

Al Wasl is not only the historical name for Dubai. The Arabic word also means "Connection" and is thus also a metaphor for the entire Expo motto "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future".
Because EXPO 2020 wants to bring people together.

Al Wasl Dome EXPO 2020 as a show stage

EXPO 2020 Dubai Best Photos and Videos
The world's largest 360-degree projection in the Al Wasl dome at EXPO 2020 Dubai.

Every evening, the Al Wasl dome becomes a show stage.

Laser animations then create impressive worlds under the huge dome of Al Wasl Plaza.

Spectacular animations show giant ladybugs and other creatures of nature.

Oversized jellyfish and other sea creatures emerge from an underwater world.

Down on the stage, the animated show is additionally complemented by real dancers.

This promises goosebump moments and a perfect end to an EXPO day.

Opening Ceremony and Closing Event at Al Wasl Dome EXPO 2020

This is also where the opening ceremony took place and where the closing ceremony will also take its course.

French astronaut floated weightlessly in the dome

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet live from the ISS at EXPO 2020 Dubai.

At the French Nation's Day, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet was transmitted live from the ISS to Dubai for EXPO 2020, where he literally "floated" into the dome.

A successful action of the French, who thus briefly converted the Al Wasl Dome EXPO 2020 into outer space.

Here is a small video excerpt of the interview with French astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

The most beautiful photos from Al Wasl Dome EXPO 2020

Al Wasl Dome EXPO 2020 is not only an attraction at night in the dark.
It is also beautiful in the afternoon, when the setting sun envelops the whole dome in a warm light.

Here you can find the most beautiful photos of the Al Wasl Dome EXPO 2020.

The situation on the EXPO site

Top view of Al Wasl and the UAE Pavilion.

The Al Wasl Dome EXPO 2020 is located in the center of the World Expo in Dubai. Right next to it is another important building. The Pavilion of host Dubai and the seven United Arab Emirates.

Entrance to the Dubai Pavilion.

From the top you have an excellent view of both buildings.
You can also get a special view of the huge dome of the Al Wasl Dome if you go into the Dubai pavilion goes inside. In the afternoon, the light is especially beautiful when you walk down the passages next to the UAE pavilion and you can see the sun through the dome.

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