EXPO 2020 Dubai Womens Pavilion

Womens Pavilion EXPO 2020 Dubai

At a glance
Womens Pavilion EXPO 2020 Dubai

Womens Pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai

Not just glitter facade sponsored by Cartier. Quite the opposite

The EXPO 2020 Dubai Women's Pavilion is only the second pavilion ever dedicated to women at world expositions.

The motto of the Women's Pavilion in Dubai is "When women thrive, society thrives."

The exhibition invites visitors to recognize the pivotal role that women have played throughout history to the present, and acknowledges their significant - yet often forgotten - contribution to the progress of societies around the world.

To find such a pavilion at the EXPO in Dubai, of all places, is remarkable and a surprise for some visitors. After all, the role of women in the "Arab world" is often viewed very critically in the Western world.

This makes it all the more exciting to hear about a women's pavilion at EXPO 2020 in Dubai.
Especially if it's a pavilion with a glittery facade and the inscription "Woman's Pavilion in Collaboration with Cartier".

One quickly assumes evil: Probably a jewelry and shopping pavilion that considers and reduces women solely to their role as "shopping queen" and "beauty next to the man".
Because you see this role model quite often in Dubai with many women (from all parts of the world).

Fortunately, this is not the case.
Because inside, many female role models for emancipation and equal rights (of women) are shown, who are or were successful in a wide variety of social, political and professional fields.

And they are here at EXPO in Dubai to encourage (young) women to emulate them.

Impressions from the Womens Pavilion EXPO 2020 Dubai

Female role models include, for example, the Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, who, as a woman of Arab descent, asserted herself in a Western-dominated male domain (and unfortunately passed away far too early).

You can also see a historical samurai warrior or female fighters from India.
Fittingly, a portrait of jet pilot Mariam al-Mansuri, the first female fighter pilot in the United Arab Emirates.

The recently deceased U.S. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburgh is another "fighter" (albeit in a different sense) who worked for justice and a greater role for women until the end of her life, shown here.

And even the lesbian captain of the American national soccer team Megan Rapinoe is mentioned here with a picture.

At the beginning - and this could also be the message at the end of the pavilion - you see girls who wish to live in an equal world with equal opportunities.

This message and positive examples make the Women's Pavilion one of the highlights of EXPO 2020 Dubai.

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