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Expo 2020 Dubai Theme Pavilion

There are three EXPO 2020 Dubai themes pavilion

In keeping with the EXPO motto, EXPO 2020 will feature a separate, spectacular themed pavilion for each sub-sector (sustainability, mobility and opportunities).

All three pavilions were designed by very renowned architects.


Expo 2020 Dubai Theme Pavilion
Alif, the pavilion of mobility. It was designed by Fosters + Partner

"Alif", the pavilion of mobility was designed by Foster + Partners.
The spectacular building houses the largest passenger elevator in the world for about 160 people.

Here, the history and the future of mobility are also linked in several exhibition rooms.

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Grimshaw Architects planned and designed the sustainability pavilion at EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

There are 4,912 solar modules on the huge, 130-meter-wide, funnel-shaped roof structure.  

In addition, another 18 smaller "energy trees" complement the large main building and help generate 4 GWh of alternative energy annually.

Inside, you can explore how much our planet and oceans have become polluted.
And you can learn in different exhibition rooms what is needed to stabilize the planet again and, for example, to avoid waste so that it does not end up in the oceans.

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The one from AGi Architects designed Opportunity Pavilion is intended to spread optimism and highlight new opportunities for energy and water production.

This is shown concretely in the film of a farmer who talks about the extraction of haze water for the irrigation of his fields.

Other areas of the pavilion show examples from the fields of energy production and nutrition.

The Opportunity Pavilion supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Initiative, which is also known as "Global Goals. is known.
The initiative's goal is to end poverty worldwide by 2030, achieve peace and prosperity for all, and create a more sustainable world in social and economic spheres of life.

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