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20 of the best images of Expo 2020 Dubai

Since EXPO 2020 will be history in less than 2 weeks, it is now time to look back on the last weeks and months.

20 of the best images of Expo 2020 Dubai

Here I start a first review with my collection of 20 of the best images from Expo 2020 Dubai - Part 1.

More will follow in the next few days.

Other EXPO 2020 Dubai highlights and interesting facts can be found here:

01 EXPO 2020 Dubai from above

Fascinating shot of the UAE pavilion, the huge Al Wasl Dome and the EXPO site of From top.

02 Opti in sunset light

Check out Katarina Premfors' photos on Instagram.
From Opti, the secret star of EXPO 2020 Dubai to haunting portraits of people and unusual perspectives of EXPO's most popular pavilions, she has it all in her Instagram feed.
Be sure to check it out there: Katarina Premfors

03 EXPO Gates

The EXPO gates also from Katarina Premfors photographed.

04 Canada Pavilion

The Canada Pavilion captured in great light by Gerry O'Leary.
Gerry O'Leary is an architectural photographer and one of the official EXPO 2020 photographers.
Be sure to check out his Instagram page. There you'll find the best photos of all the pavilions:
Architectural photographer Gerry O'Leary on Instagram

05 Oblique views

The photographer nowfalnawas from Dubai photographed the Mobility Pavilion with various dance and cultural groups.
Check out his Instagram page for many more great photos from EXPO 2020 and Dubai.

06 Ayyala Dancing

Traditional UAE Dance in the entrance area of EXPO 2020 photographed by jishinnraj.



07 A classic: Selfie under the Al Wasl roof

08 The classic is also popular with men

09 Country flags at EXPO 2020

10 Lighting effects in the Mobility Pavilion



11 Unusual perspective: the UAE pavilion from behind

12 Good Fun in front of the Australia Pavilion: Kangaroos jumping in airy heights

13 Japan pavilion reflected in the water

14 The entrance to the Belgium Pavilion

15 Musical cultural exchange between Brazil and Angola



16 Fascinating illustrations of pavilions and opti

Be sure to check out the Instagram feed here!

17 Musicians in front of the Bahrain Pavilion

18 UK pavilion reflected in the water

19 Architecture details



20Timelapse video: UAE pavilion opens and closes in the most beautiful light

20 of the best pictures of Expo 2020 Dubai Part 2 follows

Here follows soon the second part of the 20 best pictures of Expo 2020 Dubai.

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