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EXPO 2020 celebrates 20 million visitors

Just under two weeks before the end of the mega-event, the number of visitors has once again increased sharply. EXPO 2020 celebrates 20 million visitors this Saturday with a special edition of the EXPO passport stamp.

EXPO 2020 celebrates 20 million visitors

Thus, about 6 million guests have visited the EXPO within the last 30 days.

On Feb. 20, 2022, the number of visitors was still around 14 million.

This means an increase in daily visits from about 100,000 to about 200,000 on average.

A phenomenon that can often be observed at EXPOs.
Because people usually realize shortly before the end that it will be the last chance to visit the "Once in a Lifetime" event.

In Dubai, additional relief from Covid measures was added.
So now it is no longer mandatory to wear a mask on the premises.

There were also high Ticket discounts for day tickets and later also for season tickets, which entitles to unlimited admission.

In Milan, this development was very obvious to everyone who visited the EXPO at the beginning and at the end. The site was no longer recognizable in October 2015.

The situation was even more extreme in Shanghai 2010.
They were determined to beat the Osaka record and did so with huge visitor numbers in recent weeks. On a single day in October 2010, over 1 million people came to the site. In the end, there were 73 million visitors. The record number of visitors of all time.

EXPO 2020 Dubai originally planned for 25 million visitors.
The pandemic obviously complicated these plans. 20 million + x during a pandemic is nevertheless an impressive figure.

By March 15, nearly 3 million children visited the EXPO, which included a variety of school programs.

The individual countries and participants pavilions received up to 2 million visitors.

Here are some countries and their current visitor numbers:

Over 1.5 million visitors at Indonesia, France

Over one million visitors to Oman, Italy, Poland, USA

Over 900,000 visitors at South Korea

Over 800,000 visitors at Sweden

Over 600,000 visitors at Portugal

The German Pavilion is also one of the most visited.

Baden-Württemberg has received about 500,000 visitors so far.

EXPO 2020 celebrates 20 million visitors

To celebrate the 20 million EXPO visitors, there were special 20 million visitor stamps in the guests' EXPO passport on 3/19.

More information about the visitor numbers at EXPO 2020:

EXPO 2020 celebrates 20 million visitors

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