EXPO 2020 Dubai Participants EXPO 2020 Dubai

EXPO 2020 Dubai Participants

EXPO 2020 Dubai Participants and Pavilions Overview

Nations and other participants of EXPO 2020

From A like Australia to Z like Zimbabwe

List of all countries and pavilions at EXPO 2020 Dubai

Here you can find all countries and participating nations of the World Exposition EXPO 2020 Dubai.

There are more than 200 participants in total at EXPO 2020 in Dubai. Among them are over 190 countries with their own pavilion.

A total of 192 nations are represented at the first World Expo in the Middle East.
This is a record. Never before have so many nations participated in an EXPO.

In addition, (commercial) companies, the UN and also NGOs present themselves.

There are conferences and discussion panels with international speakers.

And there will also be a "Women's Pavilion" at EXPO 2020 in Dubai. This is only the second pavilion dedicated to women in the 170-year history of the world expositions.

Countless dance and show groups complete the field of participants.

EXPO 2020 Dubai Participants

Participant Nations

All countries

Updated list

Three sub themes

Theme pavilions

Sustainability, mobility and opportunities

Show stages, observation towers and much more.

Other pavilions, buildings & participants

Al Wasl, Gardens in the Sky, Women's Pavilion and other highlights.

Participants overview on the official EXPO 2020 Dubai website

Here you can find the overview on the official site of EXPO 2020 Dubai.

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