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Public Diplomacy at EXPO 2020 Dubai

These days, the Institute of Public Diplomacy of the University of Southern California is launching a series of articles and reports on EXPO 2020, starting with César Corona, director of and former graduate of the Institute, with an analysis of the current situation and importance of EXPOs. He also draws comparisons in relation to [...]

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EXPO categories

EXPOs are divided by B.I.E. into different categories. Today, under the auspices of the B.I.E., World EXPOs are organized mainly in 4 EXPO categories: World EXPOs Specialized Expos Horticultural Expos Triennale di Milano The so-called World EXPOs are designated by the B.I.E. as "International Registered Exhibitions". They last six months. In addition, there are "Specialised Expos". Under this designation fall [...]

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Nation days at EXPOs

Nation Days at EXPOs are days on which the individual countries present themselves to the public and the host (host) country at a world exhibition. The main program items of a Nation's Day include a flag ceremony and an event hosted by the corresponding (host) country. Nation Days are often held at World's Fairs on the actual national holidays of the countries. Some countries that do not have an "official" [...]

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