EXPO 2020 Dubai Host city Dubai

EXPO 2020 host city Dubai

The EXPO 2020 host city Dubai is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.

The cosmopolitan city on the Persian Gulf is significantly more open than other countries in the Arab region.

Dubai cleverly exploits its central location as a "hub" between Asia and Europe to attract tourists from there and also other parts of the world.

Distance from Germany

With just under 6 hours flying time from Germany and other destinations in Europe or to Asia and Africa, it is an easy place to reach.

Dubai is popular destination in winter

And the mild climate in winter invites European tourists who don't feel like going all the way to Asia.

Tallest building and Ferris wheel plus many more superlatives in Dubai

The desert state has repeatedly caused a stir with countless unusual projects.

Here stands the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building and since 2021 also the tallest Ferris wheel in the world.

Dubai impresses with its skyline and other extravagant buildings.

Unique are the artificial islands that Dubai has built into the sea off its coast.

The Palm - The unique artificial archipelago

The Palm and The World are two artificial island groups with luxury hotels and private residences.

On "The Palm" you will find the "Atlantis", one of the most famous hotels in the world.

The best view of the "Palm" is from the observation tower "The View at The Palm".
Here you stand above the roofs of the artificial palm tree and can best enjoy the view over the artificially created island just before sunset.
With light jazz music, this is an extremely relaxing moment even after the sun goes down in the dark.

However, the peak times are more expensive when visiting. Therefore, if possible, you should go to the viewing platform before the start of the expensive phase and then rather spend a few minutes longer at the top.

The highest infinity pool in the world in Dubai

A recent addition to the superlative hotels and buildings is the "Address Beach Resort" in Dubai.

It stands out not only because of its unique shape.
Here you will find the highest infinity pool in the world.

And also from here you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Dubai skyline, the sea, the palm tree and the new Ferris wheel from almost 300 meters.

However, you have to be a guest at the hotel here or spend a considerable amount of money at the sky bar on the 77th floor to get up here.
However, you can swim in the pool only as a guest.

Those who prefer to travel a little further down can also dive into the world's deepest indoor pool in Dubai since 2021.

Shopping malls with indoor ski slopes and similarities to the Grand Palais of the World's Fair in Paris.

Dubai is also popular with "shopping victims".
I stopped counting the huge malls at some point.

Among the most famous shopping centers are the "Dubai Mall" at the Burj Khalifa and the Mall of the Emirates (usually called MoE in Dubai).

The Mall of the Emirates is also home to Dubai's indoor ski slope.

The mall's glass dome, built on turquoise steel girders, is meant to evoke the Paris Grand Palais of the 1900 World's Fair.

Host city Dubai Highlights

The city of superlatives offers so much that I cannot list everything here. Therefore, here is only a small list of highlights of the host city Dubai:

  1. The EXPO 2020 Dubai
  2. Burj Khalifa with water fountain show
  3. The View at The Palm - observation tower above the palm tree
  4. Museum of the Future - Perhaps the most unique building I have ever seen.
  5. The new Ferris wheel "Ain Dubai" is 250 meters high
  6. The Frame Dubai - Best photo opportunity to photograph the skyline and Burj Khalifa already framed.
  7. Burj al Arab - The luxury hotel, which stands like a sail on the beach, is reportedly still the most expensive hotel in the world and one of very few 7-star hotels.
  8. The old town of Dubai on the banks of Dubai Creek shows the original face and how the mega-metropolis used to look.
  9. A trip to the desert
  10. Beaches & Dubai Marina

You can find more tips and sightings here.

Best travel time & climate for Dubai

The best time to travel to Dubai is usually from November to April.

Then the daytime temperatures in the "winter" are around 27 degrees Celsius.

The period from May to September feels unbearably hot for many people. Even in October, the temperatures may still be a bit too high for those who are not used to this climate.
It can still be 35-38 degrees.

In summer, thermometer rises to 45 degrees , with about 50 percent humidity.

In different seasons, including winter, there can be violent sandstorms.

Dubai time zone and time change

Dubai is in GST - Gulf Standard Time and therefore 2 to 3 hours ahead of German time (UTC/GMT +1 hour) depending on summer or winter time.

The time difference from Germany to Dubai is +2 hours during Daylight Saving Time. And during the German winter time the difference is 3 hours.

Although the EXPO started during the German Summer Time.
So in October 2021, the time difference was 2 hours until 10/31/2021.

Almost the whole remaining 5 months the time difference is 3 hours, as in Dubai never changed the time will.

Only the last 4 days between 3/27 and 3/31/2022, the time difference will be 2 hours again when Germany switches back from winter time to daylight saving time.

Daylight saving time example: When it is 16:00 in Germany, it is 18:00 in Dubai.

Winter time example: When it is 16:00 in Germany, it is 19:00 in Dubai.

The tight time difference also makes a trip to Dubai enjoyable, as you don't have to worry about jet lag.

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