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EXPO 2027 Minnesota is the first applicant for the next Specialized EXPO in 2027 or 2028.

So far there are two EXPO 2027/28 bids for the next Specialised EXPO.

The U.S. is bidding with Minnesota for 2027.

EXPO 2027 Minnesota would be the first EXPO in the U.S. since 1984 in New Orleans.

At that time, EXPOs were still called "World's Fair", especially in the USA.
Under the name "World's Fair" they are still better known in the USA than under the name "EXPO".

Another candidate is Thailand's Phuket bid for 2028.

Spain has expressed further interest in the city of Malaga.
There is no official bid yet.

The current application period ends on 28.1.2022 at 17h CET.

It will then be clear which candidates have a chance of hosting the next Specialised EXPO will have in 2027 or 2028.

EXPO 2027/28 applications
EXPO 2027/28 applications

As the first candidate Minnesota from the USA submitted its application in July 2021.

The second candidate is Phuket in Thailand. The official application was submitted to the Bureau International des Expositions (B.I.E.) in Paris on Jan. 11, 2022.

Overview EXPO 2027/28 applications

Applicant / Candidate 01


Minnesota / USA


North America

EXPO 2027 Minnesota
Official logo for EXPO 2027 Minnesota

"Healthy People, Healthy Planet: Wellness and Well-Being for All."

Possible data
  • 15.5.2027 until 15.8.2027
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Other applicants and candidates for EXPO 2027 or 2028 besides EXPO 2027 Minnesota.

Applicant / Candidate 02


Phuket / Thailand

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Mögicher candidate / candidate 03


Malaga / Spain

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More information about the application procedure is available on the website of the Bureau International des Expositions (B.I.E.).



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