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EXPO 2035 Vision


Possible Expo 2035 bid from Germany's capital city

Berlin a possible candidate for EXPO 2035 There are ideas and visions for a Berlin bid for EXPO 2035. More information on a possible EXPO 2035 bid by the German capital.

EXPO 2020 & Public Diplomacy


Expo 2020 Dubai: Public Diplomacy from Around the World

These days, the University of Southern California's Institute for Public Diplomacy is launching a series of articles and reports on EXPO 2020.

The start makes César Corona, Director of, with an analysis of the current situation and significance of EXPOs.

January 2022

EXPO 2027/28 applications


Five applications for the next Specialised Expo in 2027 or 2028

The list of candidates was closed on January 28, 2022 at 5:00pm (5pm CET).

This means that the five applicants from the countries USA, Thailand, Serbia, Spain and Argentina have been determined.

EXPO 2027/28 applications


Thailand applies for EXPO 2027/28

Thailand applies with Phuket for the next Specialised EXPO for the year 2028.

This makes Thailand the second applicant after the USA with Minnesota. Malaga from Spain could enter the race as the third candidate.

The opportunity to apply runs until Jan. 28, 2022.

Visit EXPO 2020 from home


Virtual EXPO 2020 Dubai

Covid-19 makes it more difficult to travel to Dubai and visit EXPO in person during this World Expo.

So if you can't make it to the EXPO site yourself, you can look forward to the Virtual EXPO 2020 Dubai offer.

EXPO tickets


New EXPO ticket offers

There are new EXPO 2020 Tickets Offers for the second half of the World Expo in Dubai.
Since the beginning of January 2022, it is possible to get new discounted Season Pass for the finale of EXPO 2020.

For more EXPO news, visit the official website of the Bureau International des Expositions (B.I.E.) in Paris.



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