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Food and drink at EXPO 2020



Here you will find the best EXPO 2020 tips for food & drinks!

Overview of the best EXPO 2020 guides for food and drink at EXPO 2020 Dubai.


The best locations for food and drink at EXPO 2020 Dubai

Here you can find the best food locations of EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

EXPO 2020 Foodie Guide
Food and drink at EXPO 2020

1 Food and drink at EXPO 2020 is one of the highlights at the World Expo in Dubai.

The EXPO site has all the dining options from fast food food trucks to fine dining.

You can opt for local offerings from Dubai, Beirut, Africa or a variety of food specialties from around the world.

Here you will find an overview of the most tempting food offers at EXPO 2020.

While some offerings fit less well with the current or previous EXPO mottos of sustainable and healthy eating, you'll also find extremely diverse, deliciously different and, in some cases, healthy offerings at EXPO 2020.

Culinary Diplomacy

2 Local specialties and dishes from around the world

Many nations have brought their own restaurants and so you have the possibility to choose between countless specialties from all over the world.

Good restaurants with nice roof terraces can be found both at the country pavilions (e.g. Belgium) as well as privately run food locations (e.g. Grand Beirut - seen here at the top of the photo).

Emirati Kitchen & Dining

3 Kebab at the Arab Tea House at Al Wasl Plaza

A traditional Emirati restaurant can be found right in the center of EXPO 2020 in the buildings around Al Wasl Plaza.

The Tea House, as the name suggests, serves Arabic tea, but also hearty fare.

These include especially the popular Arabic meat skewers and kebabs.

But those who prefer light cuisine will also get their money's worth here: fresh salads are also on the menu.

But also the design and the view of the restaurant is exceptional.
You sit on white gravel and look directly into the dome of the Al Wasl Dome.

Salt and pepper shakers are small traditional emirati figures.

"Finest Camel Food & Drinks."
Camelcino and camel and camel milk specialties EXPO 2020 Dubai
Camelcino and camel and camel milk specialties EXPO 2020 Dubai

4 Camel and camel milk specialties

At the last EXPO 2017 in Astana, horse milk and dishes made from horse meat were among the delicacies.

Here in Dubai at "The Majlis Cafe & Restaurant" right next to the Vision Pavilion, you can get all kinds of specialties from the camel.

The cappuccino with camel milk is called here Camelcino.
And also cakes, chocolate, ice cream and further dishes are made or prepared here with camel milk.

I opted for a pistachio tartlet.

Other flavors from the Arab region include dates, saffron or cardamom.

For those who prefer a hearty meal, there are also camel burgers or sandwiches with different variations of camel.

Here is a short video clip about the Majlis Cafe at EXPO 2020 Dubai.

"Finest Camel Food & Drinks."
Alkebulan Logo EXPO 2020

5 "Alkebulan" - The African Dining Hall

For the first time at a World Expo, there is also an "African Dining Hall" called "Alkebulan" with many African specialties.

Alkebulan (pronounced al-kee-boulan) is a food concept hall by renowned chef Alexander Smalls.
Here you'll find delicacies from the entire African continent under one roof - and on some days, casual African beats to go with your meal.

"Alkebulan" is the oldest name for Africa, which translates to "Mother of Mankind" or "Garden of Eden" - is an exploration of the rich and diverse culture reflected in food, music and design.
And all this is also combined in the African Dining Hall.

Such an African dining hall is soon to open in London.

Vegan & gluten free

V Vegan and gluten-free offerings at EXPO 2020

There are also plenty of choices at EXPO for gluten-free and animal-free food lovers!

Suitably in the sustainability area one finds the Restaurant Veg'd and close to the UAE Pavilion in the center next to the Al Wasl Dome is "Tawa - Gluten Free Eatery". Here everything is 100% glutenfree and some snacks even 100% UAE (photo above with the flag of the United Arab Emirates).

In January 2022, visitors can then expect a food festival with special vegan offerings. More info on this can be found here.

Fine Dining at EXPO 2020
Expo 2020 Dubai Desert Address Beach

6 Jubilee Gastronomy & EXPO Desert

Star cuisine and fancy desserts can also be found at EXPO 2020 or its associated hotels.

On the roof terrace right next to the huge Al Wasl dome, you can end the day in the evening with the finest food.

In the Jubilee Gastronomy star chefs from around the world cook for the slightly better-off guests.

From "Chef's Table" has also already Messi during a visit to EXPO fed.

And even though there are certainly excellent desserts here, the official EXPO 2020 dessert can actually be found outside the EXPO grounds.

At Address Beach Resort a ball of chocolate and a few secret ingredients awaits the gourmets. Less hidden - and this is also intentional - clearly recognizable with the EXPO logo on top.

On top is also the price with 68 AED (about 15 EUR).

Drinking a lot at EXPO 2020 Dubai
Water fountain at EXPO 2020

7 Drinking a lot at EXPO 2020 Dubai

In addition to a good diet, the most important thing at the EXPO in Dubai is to drinks a lot!

This applies first and foremost to water, so that you don't collapse in the hot temperatures.

The pavilions are all well air-conditioned, but outside it can get very or even too hot in the sun.

Buy water or fill up at refill stations

However, water can be bought in many places from 5 AED (about 1.20 EUR).

At some places there are also free refilling stations. So if you bring your own bottle, you can refill it here free of charge.

Refreshing Drinks

Refreshing drinks are also available at small kiosks between the food trucks in addition to the free refill stations. Across from the German Pavilion in the sustainability area at "Project Chaiwala" there is a wide variety of iced tea.

Shown here is the "Butterfly Pea Lemonade Tea".

Other refreshing drinks, like melon juices and many more, can be found at Fit Fresh.

Colorful Asian Sweets & Cakes
Ube Cake from the Philippines

8 Much more than noodle dishes from the wok pan

Asian countries are often known for their stir-fry noodle dishes.

But in Dubai at EXPO 2020, you also get the chance to taste the sweet specialties of the countries from the Far East.

To accompany the well-known and popular coffee, the Indonesian Pavilion offers, for example, Dadar Gulong (sweet coconut pancake) or Bolu Pandan, a light, fluffy, green sponge cake.

Singapore's sweet temptation is called Kaya Pau. A dumpling with coconut milk.

And in the beautifully decorated restaurant in the Philippines, you get a purple ube cake made from an Asian root tuber. The eye-catcher among the sweets at EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

Alcoholic Zone
Beer specialties are available in the "Alcoholic Zone" on the Belgian Roof Terrace at EXPO 2020 Dubai

9 Relaxing with a beer or cocktail at EXPO 2020

If you want to treat yourself to a beer or other alcoholic beverage after a long day at the EXPO, you don't have to do without it.

Some pavilions (including Germany and Belgium) offer beer specialties in their own restaurants and bars.

However, Belgium has not only beer, but also waffles and fries in Dubai.

Noble restaurant
Italian restaurant at EXPO 2020 Dubai

10 Italian food in an exclusive ambience

Italian food lovers should stop by the elegant restaurant. Here you will be spoiled with focaccias and sweet tarts. The restaurant is run in cooperation with Bulgari.

Special features from Bahrain
Bahrain Cafe and Sweets EXPO 2020 Dubai
The Bahrain Restaurant and Café at EXPO 2020 Dubai

11 Rosewater pistachio nests

The fanciest ambiance and food can probably be found at the Bahrain Pavilion Café.

In the pavilion of the smallest desert state, one sits between silver columns on the unique "Tila Chairs" by Shepherd Studio. An extraordinary chair design that stands out from everything known in a special way.

But back to the food, because it is no less remarkable:
Different dishes are served here.
I opted for the most visually appealing offering, which also offers a special taste for Western palates.

The sweet nest is filled with rose water and pistachios.
An oriental taste experience not to be missed at this Middle Eastern EXPO.

Dessert with national fruit
New Zealand's "Tiaki" restaurant at EXPO 2020 Dubai

12 New Zealand Kiwi Dessert in the Desert

For a fitting end to a successful EXPO day, you can indulge yourself at the New Zealand Pavilion's "Tiaki" restaurant. It is one of the most beautifully decorated. And in addition to dessert with the national fruit kiwi and passion fruit, there are other sweet treats here.

Attention sharp and may not be suitable

! Watch out with a "western" or sensitive stomach

With all the tempting offers, however, you should not eat too spicy or too "exotic" with a "western" stomach, in order not to spend the rest of the trip with stomach problems or worse...

In general, however, the quality of food and beverages in Dubai and at the EXPO site is very high and good.

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