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Perfect day at EXPO 2020 Dubai

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Your Perfect Day at EXPO 2020 Dubai

Find out the highlights of EXPO 2020 and how to get the most out of your EXPO experience.
How to have a Perfect Day at EXPO 2020 Dubai!
The only world tour currently possible

Intro Around the world in one day

EXPO 2020 is currently probably the only world tour that is possible at all.

It is a unique experience with 192 exciting participant pavilions, a multiple of ideas and innovations. And a show program on spectacular stages that is second to none.

On your perfect day at EXPO 2020, you'll learn about the world's oldest alphabet and song. You'll walk along traditional paths, like Moroccan medinas.

An animated multimedia show in the Russian Pavilion will show you the function of brain strands, and in the Alif Pavilion you will go in search of the origin and future of mobility. There you will climb into the world's largest passenger elevator before your journey begins.

Then roam the green oasis of Singapore in the middle of the desert.
Ascend to lofty heights in the "Garden in the Sky" and enjoy the best view of the entire EXPO from there - and swing into a better future in Campus Germany!

There and in the sustainability section you will find the latest innovations for sustainable energy production and storage.

In the pavilion and area of opportunities you will be presented, among other things, ways of creative water harvesting for food production.

And with a little luck, you'll meet the Pakistani Nobel Peace Prize winners or experience the sporting and musical superstars from East and West.

Under the nicely paraphrased term "Culinary Diplomacy" you can also chow down on the best food in the world!

You can expect Belgian waffles, Arabic tea, an African food hall, coffee specialties from all over the world including a speciality from Dubai: The Camelcino.

International delicacies are available above all in the country pavilions. From Spanish tapas to Italian pasta in a sophisticated ambience. Everything is represented here, from Asian sweets and cakes.

The very brave can even try Vegemite at the Australian Pavilion on "Melbourne Lane".

And for the more well-heeled among you, there are also some excellent star chef deals.

In the evening you will experience the greatest shows under the unique Al Wasl Dome.
The 360-degree screen is the largest in the world and provides the perfect finale with goosebump moments on an all-around successful EXPO day.

Let's start your world tour at EXPO 2020 Dubai!

The early bird visits the most pavilions

08:30 Arrival + Smart Queue Booking

new EXPO 2020 metro station
The new EXPO 2020 metro station.

Let's go to EXPO 2020

Make your way to EXPO 2020.
The best way to get to the EXPO site is by metro.

At the latest now you should also 10 Smart Queue Bookings make so that you can save time waiting at the most popular pavilions.

However, it would be better to make the Smart Queue bookings a few days before your visit, as these spaces may be limited and fully booked.

To travel by metro: This is not only the most environmentally friendly option, but also the fastest!
The new metro station "EXPO 2020" is located directly in front of the EXPO site and the trains run every 5 minutes. Sometimes even more often.

With the car, the parking lot search and delays with the shuttle buses, you will surely need at least twice the time to get there.

Depending on your location, you will need about 30 to 60 minutes by metro to get to the EXPO site and will be at the EXPO entrance between 9:00 and 9:30. If you want to be on the safe side, you might want to leave at 8:00 am.


By metro you will be fastest only if you have your hotel near the metro station.
Unfortunately, the metro system in Dubai is not yet very well developed. And so the way to the metro can be long and inconvenient.

There has also been news that the metro was not in service late in the evening, despite announcements.

Here it might be worthwhile to take a cab.

Welcome to EXPO 2020

09:00 EXPO 2020 opens

The first impression of the EXPO if you arrive by metro.
You will only see the impressive EXPO gates from a distance when arriving by metro. But you should take a look at them later near the Opportunity or Mobility Pavilion.

In the morning there is usually not so much going on. Go directly to your favorite pavilion.

  • Go first to the pavilion you most want to see, as the wait times are much longer from the afternoon.
  • If things go badly, you won't be able to get into the main pavilion you most want to see.
  • Exception: If you have a smart queue ticket for the pavilion, you can visit it later.
  • The pavilions are indeed open until 10 pm. But if the queues are long, the last admission may be before 8 pm or even earlier!
  • The most popular pavilions with the longest waits include the UAE and Dubai Host Pavilions, the German, Russian, Belgian, Japanese, Singapore and the three Theme Pavilions.

The tension rises

The EXPO grounds welcome you with sunny weather. You pass the flagpoles of the 192 participating countries and can already see the huge Al Wasl Dome from here.

With a little luck you can expect a traditional arabic dance group and get you in the right mood for the first World's Fair in the Middle East.

You will often see these dancers in front of the host pavilion as well.
A fun tradition is when the young girls swinging their long hair back and forth.

Other cultural dance groups you will also find at the pavilions of Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Kuwait.

Between the flags and the Al-Wasl-Dome you can make a short stop at the souvenir store to get your official Al-Wasl-Dome souvenir. EXPO Passport to get
With it you can collect entry stamps at each pavilion. Almost exactly like a real trip.

But don't take too long here. Because now it goes first of all to the most popular pavilions!

It is best to take the path through the huge Al Wasl dome and let yourself be impressed by the size and force of this construction. In the morning it catches the sunlight especially beautifully.

Here you can also take your first photo.
And in the evening, hopefully, you'll return here to see the big show to close out the day.

Probably you are still one of the few first visitors now.
The EXPO usually wakes up a little later. It gets most crowded in the afternoon.

But that is good. Because it is worthwhile for you to visit the most popular pavilions right at the beginning. Because then the waiting times are the shortest.

So make your way to the best pavilions right away.

Tips & Hints:

It's best to go directly to the pavilion you most want to see!
In the morning, the EXPO is usually still quite empty and the waiting times for the pavilions are the shortest.
If you want to save the best pavilions for last, you may have to endure extremely long waits, not just see fewer pavilions and attractions.
If you are really unlucky, you won't even see the pavilion anymore.

At the entrance: It may be that there is little traffic and that you get through the controls smoothly and are already much too early at the pavilions.
However, the entrance controls can take several minutes and so you will not be on the EXPO grounds before 9:30 or maybe later.
The closer it gets to the end of EXPO, the longer it will take at the entrances, trust me!

The walk to the most popular pavilions takes between 10 and 20 minutes from the entrances (depending on which one you arrive at).
(Check this in the APP or via Google Maps.)

On your way to the pavilion you can grab a breakfast snack, a water or a coffee.
Don't waste too much time here, though, as the queues grow quickly.

The Pavilions do not open until 10:00 a.m. thoughBut if you are the first to arrive at the entrance, you will be the first to be let in - without any additional waiting time.

The first pavilion awaits you

10:00 The pavilions open - First stop Dubai

The host pavilions of Dubai and the UAE from above.
The entrance area of the Dubai and UAE Host Pavilion.

Dawn in the morning

Starts right at the host pavilion of the United Arab Emirates.
This is located in the heart of the EXPO not far from the main entrance and right next to the huge Al Wasl dome. So you can't miss it.

From the outside, the pavilion designed by Spanish star architect Santiago Calatrava symbolizes a falcon in flight. Typical for Calatrava: The white facade looks different from all sides and is one of the eye-catchers at EXPO 2020.

You may have to wait a few minutes for admission. In the morning sun, this is not yet as unpleasant as possibly later in the midday heat.
However, enough shady places have been arranged where you can relax and wait for admission in the garden of the pavilion.

Soon you'll be heading down the path into the pavilion. You'll pass a traditional water conduit system, some artificial watering holes, and gorgeous desert plants.

An artificial desert with real sand awaits you there.

Here you will be guided through the most important historical stations of the United Arab Emirates. Interesting multimedia installations and film sequences await you at the individual exhibition objects.
As another highlight, a 4D cinema with a nice comic movie about the UAE awaits you before you finally enter the mighty and impressive hall of the building.

Changing exhibitions will be held here throughout the EXPO period.

But don't forget to look up here. In the top of the roof of the imposing architecture you will also discover the EXPO logo.

This place is also the most popular photo location for Instagram selfies and stories.

Two other pavilions related to the organizer Dubai and the United Arab Emirates:

Another pavilion of the Emirates shows the original traditions of the fishermen and the inhabitants of the Emirates. And in the Vision Pavilion the vision of the Emir of Dubai is presented.


Smart queue ticket for the Dubai and UAE pavilion if possible book in advance for this time slot.

Links: Photos and more about Dubai Pavilion

100,000 ideas for a more sustainable future

11:00 Swing into a better future at Campus Germany

The German Pavilion is one of the most popular pavilions at EXPO 2020.

Sustainable innovations, ball bath and graduation show

Wherever it draws you now. No way is too far from here!

This is due to the cleverly designed EXPO site. Despite its size, it is so well designed that you can reach all areas relatively easily and quickly.

And if you want to learn about sustainability issues now, the German Pavilion is a great idea!

Not far from the United Arab Emirates pavilion, you'll be there in no time and be greeted by a bright yellow ball bath.

Ball bath in the German Pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai.
The ball pool in the German Pavilion at EXPO 2020.

Each ball symbolizes one of 100,000 ideas for a better and more sustainable future.
You can get inspired by this while you make yourself comfortable in the ball bath.

On the other floors, you will be presented with concrete solutions for sustainable energy generation and energy storage. A guide from the German Pavilion is always available to explain these achievements of German innovation.

One of the most exciting exhibits here is the ropeless elevator for skyscrapers.
Unfortunately, only as a model. But an interesting idea, because this freed from ropes can move flexibly over rails vertically and horizontally.

Anyone who has ever wanted to move from A to B in the Burj Kalifa or the adjacent mall, and not just from top to bottom, will quickly recognize the potential.

In the German Pavilion, unfortunately, one still moves with a conventional escalator from top to bottom. Of course, that would have been an even more casual story to be able to take a ride on this elevator here at the world exhibition.

At the end, however, a graduation show awaits visitors to Campus Germany. Here you swing into a (hopefully) better future.


Smart queue tickets may not exist for the German Pavilion. This also applies to other pavilions. Check before your visit in the EXPO app!

Sustainability, Mobility, Opportunities

12:00 The sustainability pavilion Terra

The Sustainability Pavilion is one of the most important pavilions at EXPO 2020.

Current problems and solutions for a more climate-friendly future

It's starting to get really hot outside.

The heat in Dubai may also be a small foretaste of what we can expect worldwide if we do not adapt our behavior and energy production soon in order to still stop the advancing global warming.

That is why it is doubly worthwhile to spend the time until late afternoon in the mostly well air-conditioned pavilions. And also to think about a more sustainable future.

The sustainability pavilion called Terra is not far from the German one. Neither in terms of content nor distance. And also in line with the challenges of our time, this should be your first choice in theme pavilions.

Even from a distance, its external construction is impressive:

Almost 5,000 solar modules are mounted on the 130-meter-wide roof of Terra. A total of 18 oversized and impressive energy trees await you at this location.

First, you'll pass models of animals and underwater worlds that need to be protected.
Then, in a noisy room with trash and noise, you'll be confronted with issues that impact our planet.

In the end, solutions will be presented to help save the climate and create a sustainable future.

Iced tea, coffee & camelcino

13:00 Break for snacks and refreshing drinks

Lots of drinking at EXPO 2020.

Water fountain and specialties with camel milk

Now you have gathered quite a lot of information and impressions of EXPO 2020 and need some new energy yourself.

You can win them back at one of the small cafés, food trucks or other snack opportunities.

Coffee is available at numerous kiosks, stores and, of course, in the country pavilions.
Some even give a free sample of their specialty drinks.

Free water fountains at EXPO 2020.

You can even tap water for free at various fountains or buy it from 5 AED (about 1.20 EUR).

But while you're at an EXPO in the Arab world: How about a Camelcino? This is a Cappuccino with - you can already guess - Camel milk.

You can get it along with other camel snacks or cupcakes at "The Majlis Cafe & Restaurant" right next to the Vision Pavilion.

If you are already really hungry, a visit to a restaurant is also worthwhile.
Because there are so many good food options at EXPO. You can't start eating your way through the world's menus soon enough.


Later in the day, some dishes may already be sold out. Depending on how many visitors are on the EXPO site.

The afternoon at EXPO 2020

13:30 Sustainability area and EXPO Gate

The Spanish turrets in national colors at EXPO 2020.

Spain, Netherlands, Singapore and many more

Pick a few more sustainability favorites of your own.

The Swedish Forest beckons, the Netherlands has planted an interesting biotope and next door both the Spanish Pavilion and the Green Oasis of Singapore are absolute must-sees!

Depending on your preference, you can also look at other pavilions in this area.

Some of them have a "free flow" concept. This means that you can just walk through there without encountering too big queues.

The mighty gates of EXPO 2020.

Directly opposite the sustainability pavilion is one of the mighty, 21-meter-high entrance gates. If you arrived by metro, you could not go through here. But you can and should at least take a look at them from the EXPO site. They are quite spectacularly designed.
More about the EXPO gates


Even if you travel by metro, you should walk through this construction before or after your visit to the EXPO. During the day, you can even see the EXPO logo through the patterns at a certain angle.

EXPO mascots, robots and shows

15:00 Meet Opti and enjoy the street shows

Opti is the secret star of EXPO 2020.

Good fun at EXPO 2020

You should not leave the EXPO without meeting Opti.

The little orange robot is the secret star of EXPO 2020.
You can even chat with him a little and take a selfie. And by the way, Opti is also a very good dancer with his crew.
Not far from the Gardens in the Sky, he does his funny pirouettes here.

During the day you will also run into some show acts again and again. Street performers, giant glowing lions (later in the evening), mythical creatures and other dance and cultural groups will hopefully meet and inspire you.

If you have the opportunity, take a look at the "Earth Stage". It is located between the smaller, not self-built pavilions.


The shows change daily and Opti is not always in the same place. Therefore, on the day of your visit, check the Official Program or ask one of the volunteers.

High-tech robots, traditional dresses, breathtaking nature
and the consequences of climate change

15:30 Encounter with the unknown:
Biggest attractions and small pavilions!

Russia Pavilion at EXPO 2020.

In many pavilions you will find impressive installations. One of them is the giant animated robot in the Russian Pavilion.

Here brain currents flow under your feet and change movement and colors when the surfaces come into contact.

The UK pavilion once again has one of the most spectacular facades at an EXPO.

The theme pavilions also impress with their architecture.

If you find the time, you should also take a journey through the past and future of mobility in the "Alif Pavilion".

An exciting tour with characters from a time long behind us that paved the way for today's developments.

In the part dedicated to the future, you'll experience a colorful animated spectacle in huge rooms from the high ceiling to the floor.

Visit pavilions from countries you've never heard of!

But don't let the impressive colors be your only guide.

Also turn off the main boulevards and look into the smaller pavilions.
Here you will find countries you have never heard of before.
And there you will not only come into contact with the inhabitants of these countries, but also with the challenges they are facing, for example, due to the climate crisis. And perhaps you will also learn something about sensible solutions to deal with these challenges.

Panama Pavilion at EXPO 2020.

Takes the opportunity for personal conversations

Next to the "Earth-Stage" are some of the smaller pavilions.

They are a little more hidden and, although they have less impressive facades, they can't shout "hello" quite as loudly.

But you will often meet nice local guides who will tell you enthusiastically about their countries and also have a few insider stories for you.

Use this unique chance for a personal contact!

The USA is of course not one of the smaller pavilions. But at EXPOs, they too always use their "Student Ambassador Program" as an opportunity to bring young Americans into contact with the local population and international visitors. This benefits both sides. The students learn a lot about the host country during their stay.
And EXPO visitors can communicate directly with the young American ambassadors, the Student Ambassadors.

Oldest alphabet and oldest song

In the Syria Pavilion you will find the oldest alphabet and the oldest song in the world.

In the pavilion of Fiji you can enjoy the vacation card atmosphere. Here you can also learn about the effects of climate change on this region of the world.

Estonia Pavilion at EXPO 2020.

Estonia presents itself as a modern digital nation. And with its blue glowing neon spheres, it leaves a lasting visual impression. This also applies to the strong portrait photos.

Estonia Pavilion at EXPO 2020.

Often they are also not quite so well attended and so you then also come a little to rest and still get some interesting, unknown facts about our world delivered.

Be sure to talk to the staff. When do you ever have the opportunity to talk in person with people from 192 countries?


Visit not only the big country pavilions, but also the small ones.

Important contributions at EXPO 2020

16:30 Indigenous Peoples and Womens Pavilion

New Zealand Pavilion at EXPO 2020.

Finally a suitable and successful stage

In some places, EXPO 2020 will also take into account the groups that in many societies even today receive far too little attention and have also been suppressed for a long time and unfortunately still are.

Australia and New Zealand are therefore celebrating their indigenous peoples at this EXPO.

New Zealand surprises positively with striking Maori design in digital displays. Australia dedicates the largest room to the Aborigines with a wonderful film.

Womens Pavilion at EXPO 2020.

Womens pavilion

Only the second pavilion ever dedicated to women at a world exposition is located here in Dubai, of all places, at EXPO 2020.

It leads through a number of rooms with female role models from a wide variety of social, political and societal positions.

One is surprised who one discovers here all on the walls.

These female role models should encourage other women and girls and show them how to get into important and responsible positions.

The pavilion's motto, "When women thrive, humanity thrives!", is also intended as a hint to male visitors.


Do not miss!

Be sure to spend this time outside!

17:30 Sunset & Blue Hour + Water Feature & Gardens in the Sky

UK Pavilion at EXPO 2020 at Sunset.

The magic time begins!

The sun fills the dome of the Al Wasl Dome with warm light. The heat slowly subsides. And now the magical time at EXPO 2020 begins.

Keep your smartphones ready at the most beautiful facades for the best photos of the day.

Between sunset, blue hour and the slowly setting darkness you have the most beautiful light to photograph the most impressive architecture.

This is where the most unusual architectural facades come into play. And there are a few of them!

The following pavilions are particularly worthwhile at this time:

From sunset and in the Blue Hour:

  • Belgium: One of the most impressive facades no matter what time of day, but a bit more appealing in low sunlight and when the sky changes color.
  • Poland
  • UK Pavilion: One of the eycatchers anyway. At sunset and later illuminated even better.
  • Pakistan
  • Kuwait (the golden facade now reflects the sunlight particularly beautifully)
  • Austria

After dark, these pavilions shine most beautifully:

  • USA - Here shine the American stars in the national colors
  • Japan's luminous facade reflected in the water
  • China with Huge Digital Display Light Strip and Laser and Drone Show
  • Kuwait also with huge laser on top.
  • At the Saudi Pavilion, the entire sloping facade is animated via a giant screen.
  • Kazakhstan: Lighting now shines through the pattern of the facade.
  • At the Dubai and UAE pavilion, the wing elements glow

Gardens in the Sky

Now is also just the right time for the Gardens in the Sky.

View from the observation tower "Gardens in the Sky

This is the name of the rotating observation tower that provides the best panorama of the EXPO from a lofty height.

Although this attraction is not included in the price of admission, the question here is not whether you should do it, but only when:

During the sunset you still have the view of the periphery, so also of the nearby desert.

After dark, all the pavilions are illuminated and that doesn't necessarily make the ride over the roofs of the EXPO any worse.

Whenever you ascend to the "Gardens in the Sky" is up to you. But you should not miss this opportunity under any circumstances!

Water Feature

If you haven't cooled off here during the day yet, you should stop by the Water Feature now at the latest!

This artificial waterfall was designed by the creators of "Game of Thrones" and is one of the main attractions next to the pavilions.

Right next to the "Gardens in the Sky" the artificial waves rush down on the visitors from a great height.

Besides the visual effect, some water actually squirts out at the bottom.
Even if it does not provide the greatest refreshment and cooling, it is one of the most popular photo and video spots of the entire EXPO 2020.


Take good care of your battery until that time! Now you can take the best photos at the EXPO. So don't "waste" your cell phone battery beforehand and be left without photos.

Now you have to decide...

19:00 Dinner, roof top bars or more pavilions.

Grand Beirut Restaurant at the EXPO with beautiful decor and good food.

Best restaurants or more pavilions?

Now it's time for a perfect dinner!

There are so many top-notch restaurants at EXPO.
From local cuisine at the Arab Tea House at Al Wasl Plaza to all country restaurants serving food from around the world.

Some of them have more bourgeois fare, like Germany with sauerbraten with spaetzle and apple red cabbage or meatballs with mashed potatoes. Italy has brought a very fine and classy restaurant in cooperation with Bulgari.

And especially popular for a wide variety of African food is the "African Dining Hall," the first African food hall at a World's Fair.

Fine dining is available above the Al Wasl Dome at Jubilee Gastronomy.

There are also vegan or gluten-free offerings at EXPO 2020.

Special desserts and sweets await you, for example, with the national fruit kiwi in the New Zealand pavilion. Bahrain also has very special cakes in an even more extraordinary ambience.

More EXPO food tips can be found here

Bahrain Sweets at EXPO 2020.

After that, you will probably only be able to visit pavilions with a reservation via the "smart queue" bookings. And even that could be difficult for some.

Or move right on to the daily closing show at the Al Wasl Dome.

It's up to you!

Closing of EXPO day in roof-top bar ( in "alcoholic Zones")

Belgian rooftop bar with a view and Belgian beer at EXPO 2020.

You can also get the perfect end to an EXPO day in one of the rooftop bars.

E.g. on the Belgian Pavilion there is one of the best rooftop bars with great views of the "Mobility Pavilion".

In addition, there is the best Belgian beer in the "alcoholic Zone"!


If you are hungry now, find a nice one of the countless restaurants.
At this time, all dishes should also still be available. This may not be the case later in the evening.
The Tea House was sold out of some dishes by 3 p.m. when I visited at the beginning of the EXPO.

However, if you go out for a leisurely meal now, there won't be much time left to see any more pavilions.

Because the pavilions close at 10 pm at the latest.

And watch out! - The last admission is significantly earlier due to the long queues. For the most popular pavilions maybe now three hours before at 7 pm.

A Alternative would therefore also only be nfter closing the pavilions and going out to eat after the show. Because the restaurants are usually open the longest and in Dubai it is not uncommon to eat after 11 pm.

Goosebumps moments included

20:00 It's Showtime!

Showtime at the Al Wasl Dome.

Largest 360 degree screen in the world

Finally, a stunning show program awaits you under the Al Wasl Dome!

In different shows, oversized creatures from the underwater world are projected onto the inside of the dome here and supplemented with real dancers on stage.

The music permeates the body and the colorful spectacle is the fascinating conclusion with goosebump moments and a lasting memory of a perfect EXPO day.


Check necessary reservation or arrival time!

On some days there are performances of other artists. Then the show may be cancelled or at least postponed. Please check the official EXPO calendars here.

These tips will help you during your EXPO visit

At a glance Summary

Basic tips & advice for your perfect day at EXPO 2020 Dubai:

This is only a very small selection of countless possibilities.

For other interests and preferences, you will prefer other pavilions or attractions. But here you hopefully got a small impression of what is possible in one day - and what should not be missed!

Depending on how fast you are, you can even create significantly more (or even fewer) pavilions in one day.

It's not about collecting the most stamps or just taking a few selfies in front of the facade. It's about actually gaining new knowledge about the countries. So take your time and get involved in the exhibition.

Plan to spend a second or third day at EXPO rather than rushing from one pavilion to another.

If you try to create as many pavilions as possible, you'll just run around haphazardly and everything will end up looking the same.

Therefore, make a list of your favorites and check the positions and distances beforehand.

Visit your favorite pavilion right at the beginning.

  • Visiting hours in the large pavilions last about 30 to 60 minutes

It's best to go directly to the pavilion you most want to see!
In the morning, the EXPO is usually still quite empty and the waiting times for the pavilions are the shortest.
If you want to save the best pavilions for last, you may have to endure extremely long waits, not just see fewer pavilions and attractions.
If you are really unlucky, you won't even see the pavilion anymore.

At the entrance: It may be that there is little traffic and that you get through the controls smoothly and are already much too early at the pavilions.
However, the entrance controls can take several minutes and so you will not be on the EXPO grounds before 9:30 or maybe later.
The closer it gets to the end of EXPO, the longer it will take at the entrances, trust me!

The walk to the most popular pavilions takes between 10 and 20 minutes from the entrances (depending on which one you arrive at).
(Check this in the APP or via Google Maps.)

On your way to the pavilion you can grab a breakfast snack, a water or a coffee.
Don't waste too much time here, though, as the queues grow quickly.

The Pavilions do not open until 10:00 a.m. thoughBut if you are the first to arrive at the entrance, you will be the first to be let in - without any additional waiting time.

When is the best time to visit the most popular pavilions? Where should I go first and what can I save for last? Is it possible to avoid waiting times in front of the pavilions? What do I need to keep in mind about Corona at EXPO 2020 Dubai? And where is the best place to take a break and get the best food?

Where can I get the EXPO passport and how many pavilions can I visit in one day?
Here you can find out everything you need to know to have a perfect day at EXPO!

In this EXPO 2020 Dubai Guide, you'll learn how to spend the perfect day at the World Expo!

Note last admission to the pavilions!

EXPO opens its doors at 10:00 a.m. in the morning and is open until 11:59 p.m. Saturday through Wednesday.

On Thursdays and Fridays, the EXPO is even open until 2 a.m. at night.

* On special days, the Opening hours also changed be
Be sure to plan for this during your visit and check the official EXPO website or the EXPO 2020 social media channels every now and then for the latest information.

Opening hours EXPO site:
Sat-Mi 10:00-00:00
Thu-Fri 10:00-02:00

Opening hours pavilions & last entrance:

Daily 10:00-22:00

Most pavilions (this also applies to country pavilions) are open 12 hours from 10am to 10pm.

The last admission often depends on the size of the pavilions!
You can also quickly enter the smaller ones again at 21:45.
Here it depends on the goodwill of the operators and employees.

In the large pavilions, where the visit to the exhibition also takes significantly longer, the doors sometimes close an hour before the official closing time.

On very full days with long waiting times, visitors (presumably) also have to queue up much earlier.

Even though you like to save the highlights for last, you should not wait too long to visit the most popular pavilions on your own visit day, because then it can easily happen that you will not be able to get into the pavilion.

This is especially true for the most popular country pavilions such as Germany, Russia, USA, Japan, of course the host U.A.E. / Dubai and many more.

Standing in front of closed doors here is very frustrating.
You certainly want to save yourself the trouble.

Light up the night!

EXPO Tips & FAQs!

EXPO 2020 Dubai is most beautiful in the evening! From the blue hour and in the evening, when all the pavilions are illuminated, it is most worthwhile to take photos!

So make sure you still have enough cell phone battery in the evening so you won't be frustrated if you can't take any more photos when the EXPO grounds are at their best. More Tips & FAQs

All highlights of EXPO 2020 Dubai can be found here!

What are the must-dos and must-sees at EXPO 2020 Dubai?

With over 190 participants and around 60 events per day, determining the highlights is always a matter of taste and not easy.

There are so many different pavilions, themes, ideas, shows, concerts, events and approaches.

Some are practical and rather informative. Some participants take a playful approach to the EXPO 2020 motto and others rely on plenty of show effects.

The choices and opportunities are so vast at EXPO 2020 that here follows only my far too small, very subjective (first) list of must-dos and must-sees of EXPO 2020 Dubai.


! Preparation

Plan EXPO visit well

The most important thing: Make your own plan before your EXPO visit so you don't miss your personal highlights of EXPO 2020 Dubai!

Consider which pavilions and attractions you would like to see the most and look already once the area in the APP or at Google Maps to get a first impression about the position of the pavilions and the distances between them.

Read more at "Plan a visit!"

Must See

02 Al Wasl dome, plaza and show

EXPO 2020 Center

The 70-meter high Al Wasl dome is the eye-catcher and one of the architectural symbols of EXPO 2020 Dubai.

It is the center of the mega event and can be seen from everywhere.
And under the dome awaits a real superlative:
Here you can see the largest 360-degree projections in the world!

Animations in the dome of Al Wasl Plaza

Don't miss the daily show in the evening, when oversized sea creatures and other spectacular animations are projected onto the facade of the dome in a lightshow.

Underneath, real dancers dance on stage and everything shines in different colors. At the end of an EXPO day, this is a real goosebump moment at the climax of the show.

By the way, the shape of the dome - as you can easily see - is based on the Logo modeled on the EXPO 2020.

Alif, Terra & Mission Possible

04 The theme pavilions

Pavilions of mobility, opportunities and sustainability

Each sub-theme of the EXPO (sustainability, mobility and opportunities) will be presented in its own spectacular pavilion.

Not only the architecture of the themed pavilions, is one of the highlights of EXPO 2020 Dubai.
Inside, one is introduced to the problems and possible solutions.

Here, visitors are given the challenges to the individual sub-areas at the beginning.
Later, approaches to solutions will be presented, for example, to new forms of energy and creative approaches to the extraction of water.

The names of the three pavilions are

  • "Alif" (Pavilion of Mobility)
  • "Terra" (Sustainability Pavilion)
  • "Mission Possible" (Pavilion of Opportunities).


14 Best Food & Drinks at EXPO 2020 Dubai

Local food and tea at the Tea House at EXPO 2020 Dubai

Culinary Diplomacy & Local Specialties

In any case, you should take the opportunity to visit one of the international restaurants in one of the country pavilions to try new food!

Many of the participating countries have their own Restaurants with typical dishes of the country brought along. These culinary journeys are not to be missed!

Where else do you get the chance to choose authentic food from so many different countries in such a small space?

At EXPO 2020, there will also be a African Dining Hall with specialties from the African continent.

Of course, host Dubai and neighboring countries (e.g., at the Grand Beirut) also offer attractive dining options.

Another attraction for many visitors is the Talabat restaurant.
Here, unusually, you are served and cooked by robots.

Friends from Fine-Dining come in the Jubilee Gastronomy at their expense.
In the rooftop restaurant right next to the Al Wasl dome, international star chefs cook for guests for whom the budget is not quite so important.


Other attractions and highlights of EXPO 2020 Dubai

Architectural highlights, the best ideas and oversized lasers.

Photo gallery and external media

Best EXPO 2020
Photos & Videos

Here you can find the best photos and videos of EXPO 2020 Dubai and many impressions of the mega event in Dubai.

This EXPO 2020 Dubai highlights page is updated frequently.

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