EXPO 2020 Dubai Tickets

Expo Tickets Discount

For the last two months at the World Expo in Dubai, there are massive Expo Tickets Discounts!

Expo Tickets Discount

Expo Tickets Discount
New ticket prices and discounts for the finale of EXPO 2020 Dubai

A day ticket is now available for about 11.50 EUR (12.99 US $ or 45 AED). This is less than half the price of the original offer for the start of the EXPO in October 2021.

At the beginning of the world exhibition, tickets still cost 27.50 EUR.

And also with the multi-day tickets, with the so-called Season Pass, there are already great discounts for a month.

If you want to visit EXPO more than once, you should reconsider whether the Season Pass is still worth it.

It currently still costs about 56 EUR and after the discount for the day tickets is now only worth it if you want to visit the EXPO at least 5 times.

Anyone planning four visits to the EXPO is now better off with the day ticket.

In addition, you may be able to use your Emirates or Etihad flight ticket as a free ticket for the EXPO visit.
You can find out exactly how this works and more information about EXPO 2020 tickets here. Below at the FAQs

Click here to go directly to the official ticket website:

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