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14 million EXPO 2020 visitors

By Feb. 20, 2022, some 14 million EXPO 2020 visitors had been guests at the first world's fair in the Middle East.

14 million EXPO 2020 visitors
Nearly 14 million EXPO 2020 visitors by mid-February

Just under 6 weeks before the end of EXPO 2020, an average of around 100,000 people per day have thus visited the World Expo in Dubai.

The target of 25 million visitors will probably no longer be reached. The pandemic and the associated travel restrictions have thrown the concept of EXPO 2020 Dubai into disarray.

90% of visitors should come from abroad

Dubai's intention was originally to attract 90 % of visitors from abroad.
This is unusual, since at EXPOs the guests usually come from the host country.
The relatively small city, on the other hand, advertised the fact that Dubai is within a maximum of 4 to 6 hours from many regions of the world and thus easily accessible for many interested people.

The target of 25 million visitors will probably not be reached

Even though the EXPO site is likely to become even more crowded in the last few weeks, the target of 25 million will probably remain unattainable. Otherwise, more than 600,000 visitors per day would have to stream onto the EXPO site in the last 5 1/2 weeks.

Despite well-planned grounds and large pavilions, this would exceed the capacity of all facilities and even the largest pavilions.

By comparison, the previous record-breaking EXPO in Shanghai in 2010 attracted an average of 400,000 visitors to a significantly larger area. On the absolute record day, a full 1 million people visited the World Expo.
Unimaginable in this day and age.

Waiting times of up to 9 hours for a single pavilion were measured at China's first EXPO.

EXPO visitors in front of the EXPO 2020 entrance gate

14 million EXPO 2020 visitors + X

At the first World Expo in the Middle East in Dubai, the 14 million EXPO 2020 visitors could be followed by another 4 million or so guests if the number of visitors remains the same.

Fewer travel restrictions and new opening steps despite the Corona pandemic could also boost visitor numbers, so the bottom line could be close to 20 million visitors.

This means that EXPO 2020 will probably be similar to EXPO 2000 Hannover. Germany's first and so far only EXPO attracted around 18 million visitors.

At the end of an EXPO, it usually gets even more crowded at EXPOs, as people understand that the "Once in a Lifetime Event" is coming to an end. This could be seen especially in Milan 2015, but also at the record-breaking Shanghai 2010.

Discounted tickets and fancy advertising campaigns

And organizers are also trying to take advantage of the Corona loosening, with elaborate advertising campaigns and discounted ticket prices once again attract as many visitors as possible.

A few days ago, they launched the "It's now or never, before it's gone forever!" campaign to make people realize once again that EXPO 2020 will soon be history!

Virtual EXPO with record numbers

What is new at this EXPO is that there was a virtual visit option and this was also exceptionally well received - not only because of the pandemic.

Official figures speak of over 120 million virtual visitors.
This high number is also due to the live concerts broadcast via the website and the EXPO 2020 YouTube channel were transferred.
The Coldplay concert from February 2022 alone was watched by nearly 550,000 online viewers.

Country pavilions with different visitor numbers

Participant pavilions report varying numbers of visitors.

Saudi Arabia recently celebrated 3 million pavilion visitors. This is likely to make it the most visited pavilion.

Many other pavilions announced numbers between 750,000 and one million visitors in recent days and weeks.

Here is a small summary of the different countries and how the attendance was celebrated:


1 Mio visitors


1 Mio visitors


1 Mio visitors


700.000 visitors


1 Mio visitors



Further facts and figures of EXPO 2020

All facts and figures about EXPO 2020 Dubai

How many visitors at EXPO 2020?

25 million visitors were expected at EXPO 2020. Due to the pandemic and associated travel restrictions, this number will probably not be reached. Just under 6 weeks before the end of EXPO 2020, visitor numbers for the entire EXPO are at around 14 million visitors.

How many current EXPO 2020 visitors at country pavilions?

Current visitor numbers for EXPO 2020 country pavilions range from 600,000 for Sweden to 3 million for Saudi Arabia about 6 weeks before the end of EXPO 2020. Other countries like Switzerland, Indonesia, Spain and Australia have announced 1 million visitors.

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