Al Wasl Dome & Plaza EXPO 2020 Dubai Architecture and Design

EXPO 2020 Al Wasl Dome

Photos, Videos & Media

The best photos of Al Wasl Dome and Plaza at EXPO 2020 Dubai:

EXPO 2020 Al Wasl Dome by day

EXPO 2020 Al Wasl Dome
Al Wasl Dome in the afternoon when the warm sunlight fills the dome.
Al Wasl Dome next to the pavilion of host Dubai.
Al Wasl Domoe from above (left). In the foreground the water feature.

EXPO 2020 Al Wasl Dome by night

The dome is almost 70 meters high. The dimensions often only become clear in relation to the people.
EXPO 2020 Al Wasl Dome from inside
EXPO 2020 Dubai and all about world expositions
Al Wasl from outside
EXPO 2020 Dubai Best Photos and Videos
Al Wasl during a show from the inside
Spectacular light and projection show in the Al Wasl dome in Dubai at EXPO 2020.
French astronaut Thomas Pesquet live from the ISS at EXPO 2020 Dubai.

More about the EXPO 2020 Al Wasl Dome and Plaza can be found here:

More info about EXPO 2020 Al Wasl Dome:

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