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EXPO 2035 Berlin Bid

EXPO Bids are currently underway for the EXPOs 2027/28 at the start of the exhibition. EXPO 2030. Possibly there will soon also be an EXPO 2035 Berlin Bid.

Because concrete ideas for a world exhibition in 2035 are coming from the German capital.

In a debate contribution for 75 Visions for Berlin, IHK President Daniel-Jan Girl brought a world exhibition into play.

Sustainable vision for an EXPO 2035 Berlin Bid

His vision is to present Berlin as a green and sustainable capital in 2035. And with it, a far-advanced, positive transformation, which, however, the city still largely has ahead of it today.

He wants to show the world Berlin as a "beacon of sustainability" in just over 10 years.

His vision is to present Berlin in 2035 as the city that will then be the first in the world to have all the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals of the UN has achieved.

Here, in the mid-2030s, solutions will be presented on how Berlin became the city where prosperity was reconciled with climate protection. Where progress and sustainability were combined and thus the destruction of the planet, habitats and life dreams were averted.

Berlin is to be presented here as a prime example.
And the city is to become an international hub for the participating countries with the EXPO in different parts of the city.
The "neighborhoods" focus on cooperation between countries for common solutions.

EXPO 2035 Berlin Bid
EXPO 2035 Berlin bid: The EXPO is to be held throughout the city.

EXPO throughout the city

His particular idea here is not to have the EXPO take place on a single enclosed site.
Unusually, "his" World's Fair is to be spread over several districts (called "Kieze" in Berlin) throughout the capital.

A thoroughly charming idea, which does not appear to be entirely uncomplicated when viewed in practical terms.

Long distances as an opportunity for new promotion possibilities?

Especially for visitors who are visiting an EXPO for only one day, it is important to have the shortest possible distances in order to be able to view as many participant contributions and pavilions as possible.
Long (access) distances between the attractions would be new challenges that probably could not be bridged at an EXPO 2035 in Berlin between the "Kiezen" by monorail (as at EXPO 1967 Montreal) or a cable car (as e.g. at EXPO 2000 in Hannover).

But maybe by then we'll have such a sophisticated system of rental bikes, electric scooters and - who knows - a few flying objects that can transport us.

An EXPO in the middle of the city would of course revitalize Berlin enormously.
If that were necessary (keyword: overtourism). And security concepts and Berlin's public transport system could also be pushed to their limits as a result. If by then the ("glorious") Berlin public transport system hadn't already undergone a revolution.

EXPOs today on the outskirts of cities, in the past they formed or created new centers

The last EXPOs (Shanghai in 2010, Milan in 2015 and Dubai in 2020-22) were mostly held on the outskirts of cities or exhibition centers.

In the past, however, it was quite common for world exhibitions to be held right in the center or for new parks and districts to be created as a result of them. For example, in Paris or Barcelona, to name just two.

The bid for the Olympic Games has failed in recent years.

Relatively good survey results

A representative survey for an EXPO 2035 Berlin Bid has not turned out so badly so far.

Especially compared to possible Olympic bids (in Hamburg or Munich), these are exceptionally good figures.

Just under 30 percent (28.7%) of Berliners were "definitely" in favor of Berlin applying for an EXPO 2035. 13.4 % voted for rather yes.
13.1% still showed a draw.
Just under a third, on the other hand, were clearly against a bid.

Especially among young people, the possible bid aroused great interest.

Until now there has never been an official EXPO in Berlin

Berlin is considered an innovation hub, start-up and founder scene and creative heart of Germany.

In addition, the city is international, many cultures live together here.

FUTURIUM Berlin suitable as EXPO theme pavilion?
Would the FUTURIUM Berlin be suitable as an EXPO theme pavilion?

The city also already has a "future museum" in the form of the "Futurium".
Would this even be a suitable theme pavilion for a sustainable EXPO that would not have to be rebuilt?

An official (through the B.I.E. regulated) World's Fair has never been held in Berlin before and so far only once in Germany.
In 2000, Hanover in Lower Saxony hosted the first EXPO in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Bids for EXPOs 2027/28 and EXPO 2030 and previous world exhibitions

Current bids for EXPOs 2027/2028 and for EXPO 2030 can be found here:

The last major world exhibition was the EXPO 2020 Dubai.
It took place between 2021 and 2022 because of the Corona pandemic.

Host of the next EXPO 2025 is Osaka, Kansai in Japan.

Media reports on the EXPO 2035 Berlin bid

More information and reports about a possible EXPO 2035 Berlin bid can be found here:

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