EXPO 2020 Dubai Country Pavilions Switzerland EXPO 2020 Dubai

Switzerland EXPO 2020 Dubai

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Switzerland EXPO 2020 Dubai

Switzerland EXPO 2020 Dubai

Swiss fog clears to reveal panoramas, reflections and innovations

Switzerland presents itself with a mirrored cubic building inspired by Bedouin tents.

This funnel-shaped mirror front of the pavilion is both eye-catcher and mirror surface for the visitors.

The pavilion is all about Swiss culture, nature and innovation.

Here you first roam through the foggy mountains.
The artificial mountain fog is something completely unknown to the inhabitants of the desert state.

In Dubai, similar visual restrictions are only known from sandstorms or when your glasses fog up when you come out of the pleasantly air-conditioned subway into the desert heat.

However, if the fog lifts here at the "mountain top", a magnificent Swiss mountain panorama awaits the visitors.

The third act of the hike shows the urban, sustainable and creative side of Switzerland.

There, a last sensual experience awaits the visitors:
From the sea of fog, they can catch drops of water to discover Swiss innovations and achievements and to "draw knowledge from the sources of innovation."

Impressions from the Switzerland EXPO 2020 Dubai Pavilion

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