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Bahrain EXPO 2020 Dubai

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Bahrain EXPO 2020 Dubai

Bahrain EXPO 2020 Dubai

Unique design with fine food

One of the most unique pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai is certainly the Bahrain Pavilion.

Here, everything revolves around the motto "Density Weaves Opportunities," which refers to the small size of the smallest desert state and its weaving tradition.

On the outside, individual column pieces protrude from the silver shell.

Inside the pavilion, 126 of them, 11 cm thick and 24 meters high, protrude into the building.

They are meant to symbolize weaving needles and remind us of the density of the small Gulf state.

Tunnel leads inside

One enters the Bahrain Pavilion through a tunnel and then enters the "forest of iron columns" designed by architect Christian Kerez.

A beautiful and memorable contrast to other pavilions at EXPO 2020, which are almost universally colorful and often similar in design.

The exhibits are also presented in the silver style of architecture.

At least as eye-catching as the entire interior are the "Tila Chairs" by Shepherd Studio.

In the Bahrain Pavilion, the chairs in the café-restaurant also invite you to take a break from the sun and taste the specialties of Bahraini cuisine.

Two chefs have teamed up here to offer local dishes in a new interpretation.

And having already enjoyed coffee, cake and peace and quiet in Bahrain's shady café at EXPO 2015 in Milan, I naturally didn't miss out on sampling the little delicacies here either.

Bahrain Food EXPO 2020 Dubai

There was a sweet nest with pistachios and a touch of rose water.

Find out more about Bahrain's café-restaurant here: Food & Drinks at EXPO 2020 Dubai

If you want to see an unusual pavilion and eat something special, this is the place for you.


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