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Japan EXPO 2020 Dubai


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At a glance
Japan EXPO 2020 Dubai

Japan EXPO 2020 Dubai

Shows, combined cultures, Japanese food and humor.

Japan shouldn't actually come in at position 27 first.
This pavilion is actually one of my favorites.

Because especially the humor, which one misses with some participants, one finds here! This is also one of my highlights of EXPO 2020 Dubai.

On the outside, Japan once again presents one of the most striking facades at a world exhibition.

The exciting thing: Japanese facade design combines traditional arabesque and asanoha patterns. In other words, design elements from Arab and Japanese culture.

The facade is also reflected in the water in front of the pavilion.
In the evening, the pavilion is illuminated and impresses with its shape and colors.

Impressions from the Japan EXPO 2020 Dubai Pavilion

In its pavilion, Japan shows several rooms on different themes. There is a guided tour and usually the waiting times are quite long. However, the wait is worth it.

In the first room there is a reunion with the old familiar Pac-Mans.
The younger ones here are happy about anime comics.

Another room is dedicated to the connection between famous Dubai landmarks and Japanese-inspired food fun.
This is because various sights from Dubai and themes from the EXPO in Essen have been recreated here.

Actually, they do say "you don't play with food".
But first, these are just replicas and second, the figures, like the "bread train" representing the Dubai Metro, the astronauts climbing out of a tangerine and the replica "Dubai frame" are too funny.

This exhibition should not be missed if you want to smile a little. The room is one of the highlights of EXPO 2020 Dubai.

But Japan is of course also seriously addressing the important issues of EXPO 2020 in other rooms.

In room four, attention is drawn to the ongoing destruction of our planet. And at the same time, that everyone can help to counteract this.
When a film stops and the room is darkened, shortly afterwards you suddenly see yourself in the mirror.

That's pretty direct for the Japanese, who are actually considered to be so reserved.
But I find this move very successful and it creates a good moment to reflect on a very problematic situation for our planet.

In the last room, things get a little crazy again during the "dance" show, when you dance around the room with the pavilion hosts.

Advertising for EXPO 2025 in Osaka

Last but not least, the EXPO 2025 advertised.
Because Japan is the host of the next World Expo in Osaka, Kansai.

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