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Italy EXPO 2020 Dubai

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Italy EXPO 2020 Dubai

Italy EXPO 2020 Dubai

The unifying beauty of Italy, David's detail and green seaweed

The EXPO organizer of 2015 will present its pavilion at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai with the motto "Beauty connects people".

The huge building, which does not look quite as graceful by day as was presumably intended during planning, shows itself to be versatile on the inside.

The biggest (and certainly not unintentional) attention is attracted by a 3D replica of a very famous Roman figure.

The giant youth David can be seen on two floors. Unlike the original in Florence, here in Dubai you can meet him at eye level.

This is a clever trick, since not all visitors are supposed to see the small, uncovered David here. This is only visible to visitors in the V.I.P. room on the lower floor.

The physical well-being is provided with Italian coffee and in the noble restaurant (in cooperation with Bulgari) with the finest Italian food.

But the best thing here is that the CO2 emitted by visitors to the Italy Pavilion is recycled by microalgae and converted into oxygen.

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