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Dubai Pavilion Photos

The best Dubai Pavilion photos from EXPO 2020

Here you can find the best photos of the pavilion of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

The pavilion was designed by the Spanish star architect Santiago Calatrava.

The Dubai Pavilion from all perspectives

The Dubai pavilion can be found in the center of EXPO 2020 right next to Al Wasl Plaza.
The National Pavilion of the United Arab Emirates is set in a beautiful garden.

Typical for Calatrava is that the building looks different from all perspectives and always reveals new exciting views.

More information about the pavilion can be found here

Dubai Pavilion photos from all angles

Dubai Pavilion Photos
The back of the Dubai pavilion at EXPO 2020.
In the lower one finds some water areas at the Dubai pavilion

The view is also spectacular under the entrance bridge, which serves as an exit for "normal" visitors at the EXPO.
Here you can see the spread "wings" of the falcon.
From the back it looks like the pavilion has a tent-shaped roof.
Inside, visitors can expect a replica desert
Here, two visitors pose in front of an exhibit inside the UAE pavilion.
The ceiling inside is spectacular. If you look closely, you will discover the logo here.
In the evening, the pavilion of host Dubai is illuminated.
Backside illuminated

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